iPhone speakersYou feel more than a little annoyed with iPhone's speaker volume. Yes, whether you're waiting for a call, trying to have a speakerphone conversation, or just listening for sweet DTMF tones -- the thing kind of stinks. Perhaps it's time to take extreme measures, as some owners have resorted to... like sticking a needle through the holes in the speaker enclosure. Yes, according to daring "modders," it's possible to get a 40% increase in volume via this simple-yet-destructive trick of perforating the thin plastic which covers the speaker. Apparently, the phone gets so loud post-surgery that the volume is actually startling to some users.

But you need to void the warranty in order to do that....

Source- http://www.engadget.com/2008/01/18/iphone-speaker-too-quiet-stab-it-with-needles/
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Loved images of hddvdBefore winning the majority of Hollywood studio support, those partial to the Blu-ray format have primarily relied on a few points to make their case: more storage and rocketing sales at the ratio of 2:1 to HD DVD. HD DVD was a more stable platform with more features on almost every disc that was offered in both.

When Wilson compared the same discs in each format, Harry Potter and 300, HD DVD had many, many more features. Proof is in the pudding:

Harry Potter Comparison in hddvdCompare the two editions of 300:

300 Disc Comparison of hddvdBlu-ray could technically support a lot of that functionality, according to the spec, but the trick here is that most of the spec is not and still isn't mandatory. And even when all the Blu-ray players on the market are up to the final spec, whenever that may be, the majority of the original players will still not support extras, so why would anyone develop those extras? They won't. A stair-stepped rollout of what each player must have to be spec compliant has severely limited the Blu format, despite all that great storage capacity.

And this might take a very long time to fix, if it ever does.

Source- http://gizmodo.com/346689/why-i-wish-hd-dvd-had-won-the-format-that-loved-me
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Atom arcadeIn X-Men Children of the Atom, "the player selects from members of the X-Men (Cyclops, Psylocke, Wolverine, Storm, Colossus and Iceman), who have set up a fighting tournament to determine who is strong enough to challenge Magneto in battle."

Source- http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/video-game-vault-x-men-children-of-the-atom-arcade-
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Hands on Fujitsu Lifebook P1620Fujitsu's P1620 was just announced with a Stateside price starting at $1,599. This quicker update to the highly praised P1610 boasts a new ULV 1.2GHz U7600 Core 2 Duo processor with up to 2GB of memory and 100GB of disk -- a respectable bump from the old 1.2GHz Core Solo and 1GB memory and 80GB disk limit. The rest of the specs appear unchanged which is fine by us: 8.9-inch 1,280 x 768 display, a $299 32GB SSD option, and standard 3-cell battery (6-cell for a worthy $45) which delivers 3.5-hours under real-world stress.

Ships standard with XP Tablet PC though Vista is a $0 option.

Source- http://www.engadget.com/2008/01/18/fujitsus-lifebook-p1620-is-lighter-than-macbook-air/
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Windows7 ahead of scheduleAccording to insiders and Microsoft partners, a "Milestone 1 code drop" has been released of the next-gen Windows OS. This, along with an updated roadmap leaked to TGDaily, points to a release window of 2nd Half 2009. Among the new features seen in the really, really early M1 release are combining multiple graphics cards from different vendors into one graphics system, and a new version of Media Center.

Windows vista logoIt's still unclear when the first beta versions will be available (meaning when the developer community at large will be able to test it), but guesses point to early 2009.

Source- http://gizmodo.com/346711/windows-7-to-be-released-ahead-of-schedule
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Scientist create darkest imageResearchers at a US laboratory claim to have created the darkest material ever; a carbon nanotube which is one atom thick and rolled into a cylinder. For an object to be completely black, it must absorb all the colors of light over every angle and wavelength while reflecting none back, and scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, may have just gotten one step closer. The team built an array of vertically aligned, low-density nanotubes -- rough on the surface to minimize reflections -- and then measured the optical properties. They discovered that the objects very good at absorbing light, while downright rotten at reflecting it, thus creating a new standard for "blackness."

In practice, their nanotubes could form a super-black object, leading to the creation of more efficient solar panels or solar cells, or more importantly, a Kuro display that goes beyond absolute black. "They've made the blackest material known to science," Says Professor Sir John Pendry, though Shaft's representatives have called for a recount.

Source- http://www.engadget.com/2008/01/17/scientists-create-darkest-material-ever/
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Halo mario meets imageSo you've seen the Doom hack, now check out what happens when the Halo universe collides with Super Mario World.

Source- http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/video-what-the-halo-universe-would-look-like-in-super-mario-world
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Melinda gates picsThe beautiful, smart and, no doubt, fragrant Melinda Gates is the subject of a mahoosive profile in Fortune. And, aside from the philanthropic angle (Bill and Melinda, it is estimated, will give away around $100 billion from their eponymous foundation) it gives a fascinating insight into the home life of Mr. and Mrs. Gates—including the fact that the Apple II she inherited off her dad as a teenager was what got her interested in computer science. More choice nuggets below.
  • "Yes, we're a couple that has fun discussing fertilizer while we walk on the beach," says Bill, who says he's looking forward to haranguing pharmaceutical companies to do more for the developing world. "Nobody gives them a hard time. That job is natural for me to do."
  • Melinda's a better runner than her husband and, as well as running the Seattle Marathon, has climbed 14,000-foot Mount Rainier.
  • Would Warren Buffett have given the Gates Foundation his fortune if Melinda hadn't been in charge? "I'm not sure," he replies.
  • She reveals how Bill asked her out on a date after they ran into each other in the parking lot at Microsoft: "We talked a while, and then he said, 'Will you go out with me two weeks from Friday night?' I said, 'Two weeks from Friday? That's not nearly spontaneous enough for me. I don't know. Call me up closer to the day.'"
  • Chez Gates, Wednesday night is family swimming night, Friday night is family movie night.
  • Bono describes Melinda as playing "the straight man to his [Bill's] dark humour."

Read out more about this post- [gizmodo]
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US game sales rise 28% thumbnail imageU.S. sales of video game hardware and software rose 28% in December from a year earlier as holiday shoppers snapped up new consoles like Nintendo Co Ltd's top-selling Wii, market research firm NPD said on Thursday.

But after setting a 43% pace for all of 2007, growth is expected to cool off this year as attention moves away from the transition to a new generation of hardware and more toward games.

"While I wouldn't count on similar growth in 2008, I would expect to see ... more growth proportionately coming from software sales," NPD analyst Anita Frazier said in written commentary on the data.

"While we will continue to see strong hardware sales, particularly if prices come down again, the spotlight now turns from hardware to software."

Sales were $4.82 billion in December and nearly $18 billion for all of 2007, NPD said in its latest monthly report.

Nintendo sold 1.35 million Wiis, bringing its total U.S. user base to 7.4 million, NPD said. The Wii's success has been fueled by its motion-sensing controller and simpler games that have won over consumers outside the traditional gaming audience of young men.

Microsoft Corp sold 1.26 million of its Xbox 360 machines, boosted by games such as Activision Inc's "Call of Duty 4," which topped the December charts with 1.47 million copies sold.

While much of the attention for the holidays was focused on shortages of the Wii, Microsoft spokesman David Dennis said the company had seen tight supplies of the Xbox 360 as well.

"We were hearing from retailers ... that if they had more units they could have sold them easily," Dennis said.

The top-selling game of 2007 for a single console was Microsoft's own "Halo 3," which sold more than 4.8 million copies since its launch in late September, NPD said.

The Xbox 360 had the biggest base of U.S. users at the end of 2007, having sold nearly 9.2 million units since it launched in November 2005, a year ahead of its rivals.

Sony Corp sold 798,000 PlayStation 3 consoles in December, bringing its total installed base to nearly 3.3 million. The PS3 was outsold by the aging but far cheaper PlayStation 2, which sold 1.1 million units in December.

"Given the breadth of available content and the price point of the PS2, it's a mass-market friendly choice and will continue to be an important part of the games ecosystem for several years," Frazier said.

Nintendo also sold nearly 2.5 million units of its DS handhelds in December, while Sony sold nearly 1.1 million of its PSP device.

In December, Nintendo's "Super Mario Galaxy" for the Wii grabbed the number two slot with 1.4 million copies sold, while Activision's wildly popular "Guitar Hero III" music game sold nearly 1.3 million copies for the PS2 and 625,000 copies for the Xbox 360.

Ubisoft's "Assassin's Creed" for the Xbox 360 sold 894,000 copies, and Sega's "Mario and Sonic: Olympic Games" for the Wii sold 613,000 copies.

Source- http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080118/tc_nm/videogames_dc;_ylt=AoYdNtqLMrkacWIwq7oB.fgjtBAF
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Nokia new application newsAfter the acquisition of the Navteq, Nokia is seems undefeated when they are preparing for a new base location application that using Navteq technology .This latest application will ‘attack’ the GPS compatible phone users and the iPhone users this year. This new application called Point&Find uses a GPS positioning and a picture.

Here is an example of the application usage, on one lovely day, you are watching a television program and then there was a movie preview on your television,you snap the picture of the movie preview and then you will automatically connected to the internet and to your service provider,then wait for couple of minutes and after that you will receive the responses. The responses you should receive will be mainly about the picture you have snapped, such as Movie Merchandise,Movie Freebies,Contest and stuff like that.

Source- http://www.thegadgetblog.com/2008/01/18/nokia-launching-a-new-application-to-its-fans/
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iPod touch free after 1 JanIf you got your touch after January 1st, you should still be within the window of Apple's price protection, meaning Apple's standard policy for this stuff should allow you to update your touch apps and apply for a credit back on the $20 levy.

The Apple mothership didn't yet confirm, but multiple customer service agents said those who bought online shouldn't have a problem getting their Jackson back, son (and those who bought in an Apple store should run on over to get a $20 refund).

Source- http://www.engadget.com/2008/01/17/ipod-touch-users-if-you-bought-after-jan-1-the-new-apps-are-fre/
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Braw Japanese trailorIn this Japanese Super Smash Bros. Brawl trailer, we "get refreshed on the basics and learn what's new in Nintendo's premiere mascot fighter."

The game is gorgeous, and hasn't lost a beat moving to the Wii. It's fully widescreen supported which definitely works to this game's advantage. It still runs at a silky smooth 60 frames per second, and all the characters look far more detailed than they did on the GameCube.

Source- http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/super-smash-bros-brawl-japanese-trailer
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Masturbation technologyIt may not compare to the fabled "Blowjob Machine," but naughty gadget maker Tenga has unveiled their "New Adult Concept" lineup of "onanism cups" that offer male users five "never before experienced sexual sensations." Choose from the Deep Throat Cup, Soft Tube Cup, Rolling Head Cup, Air Cushion Cup, and the invigorating Double Hole Cup. The devices are disposable, and Tenga stresses that you shouldn't be using them repeatedly by "rinsing them out." The devices are available now starting at 1500 yen ($14) —Japan only.

The device is available in the States. Horny Westerners rejoice! $18-$27. Read more at [Gizmodo]
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Nielsen Mobile has released the results of a survey of 5,700 mobile search users which found that 46.1 million people in the US used mobile search in the third quarter of 2007.

Of those people 18.1 million used 411 and 14.1 million used SMS-based searching. The most popular things that were searched included local listings with 27.1 million people searching for those in the quarter, followed by 14.8 million searching for information such as sports scores, news or weather, and 11.3 million searched for mobile content. The survey also found demographic differences, with 61% of 411 searchers being female while 60% of WAP searchers were male.

A third of SMS searchers were under 25 and within SMS search providers Yahoo, Yellowpages SMS and SuperPages SMS “all over-index for Hispanic users”.

Source- http://www.moconews.net/entry/419-461-million-people-use-mobile-search-in-us-report/
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Steve imageI love Steve Jobs. Why? Because when he speaks, he doesn't deal with details or nuance—everything is a sweeping proclamation. I like that. His take on Amazon Kindle, for instance, makes it pretty clear Apple won't be making the actual "iPod of reading":
It doesn't matter how good or bad the product is, the fact is that people don't read anymore... The whole conception is flawed at the top because people don't read anymore.
Of course, if it's anything like his past declarations that Apple wasn't making a phone, they're totally cooking up a Kindle-killer in the lab at this very moment. It'll be the thinnest one ever and have AT&T 3G, but not a built-in antenna.

Also on his "give up now, fools" list: Android."Having created a phone, it's a lot harder than it looks. We'll see how good their software is and we'll see how consumers like it and how quickly it is adopted." Besides,
I actually think Google has achieved their goal without Android, and I now think Android hurts them more than it helps them. It's just going to divide them and people who want to be their partners.
Is that a thinly veiled threat? I mean, Google and Apple are pretty tight right now. Like, partners even.

But he did have something nice to say to our man Bill Gates, though John Markoff doesn't know whether his eye was twitching as he spoke. "Bill's retiring from Microsoft is a big deal," he said. "It's a significant event, and I think he should be honored for the contributions he's made." Implied dig: I'm still gonna be running Apple, bitches—my "contributions" are far from over.

Source- http://gizmodo.com/345502/steve-jobs-people-dont-read-anymore-android-is-going-down
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80GB red zune original collectionsMicrosoft has announced a new valentine selection for the Zune. A newly colored Zune 80 will be available in red along with a collection of 20 new Zune Originals. The Red Zune 80 along with the new Zune Originals will be available for just a short time, they will be sold only until February 14th so better not wait to long to get that special Valentines Day gift for that geek in your life.

In addition to the new color and artwork the Zune Marketplace will also be offering a special collection of Valentines Day music for those looking for that perfect soundtrack for the day.

Source- http://www.gadgetell.com/tech/comment/microsoft-offering-80gb-red-zune-new-zune-originals-collection/
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The lapdome cool imageAre you sick and tired of the constant struggle to use your laptop while sunbathing? Do you find yourself battling the life-giving rays of our closest star, desperately trying to finish that presentation... pool side? Well toil in vain no more -- the LapDome is here. That's right, instead of going inside like a normal person, now you can cover up your laptop with the most ludicrous and embarrassing product since the Pocket Fisherman. You'll get the idea real quick -- it's a mini-tent used to shield your computer from the sun, and the glare which it causes.

The company's ad campaign asks "Does this look familiar?" next to the depiction of a woman covering her laptop with a beach towel, then suggests covering your laptop with a small tent might look better.

Source- http://www.engadget.com/2008/01/16/the-lapdome-tent-shaped-sunscreen-for-your-laptop/
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New Gmail version for iPhone/iPodiPhone and iPod Touch owners are getting a new mobile version of Gmail with Ajax. Its stated on Google’s blog that this new version has improved the user interface , include pre-fetchings and auto-complete features. It will also pre-load your most recent images, cutting down waiting time.

Auto-complete is another new feature that Google added. Now entering email addresses is a few key strokes away. According to Google, most email addresses in your Gmail should be 2 to 3 keystrokes away.

There’s a new software update for the iPhone. The next time you sync your iPhone with iTunes, your iPhone will be updated to version 1.1.3 of Apple’s software. It has a nice new feature — the built-in Mail app on the iPhone will now use IMAP to access your Gmail account, rather than POP, like it used to. IMAP is way better.

Source- http://www.thegadgetblog.com/2008/01/16/new-gmail-version-for-the-iphoneipod-touch/
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Nasa methane rocket engineRocket engines aren't exactly synonymous with liquid methane, but NASA's latest project shows just what this natural gas is capable of -- produces 7,500-pound thrust in this case.

Best of all, "you don't have to put on a HAZMAT suit to handle it like fuels used on many space vehicles."

Source- http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/feature-nasa-demonstrates-liquid-methane-powered-rocket-engine-video-
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Super smash bros brawl commercials coming JapanNintendo has just released two new Super Smash Bros. Brawl commercials in Japan, which feature "Sonic, Peach, Pit, and more."

As for the control options, we were able to play with both the Wii-mote (NES Style) and Classic Controller. With just the Wii-mote you'll be working with just the d-pad, 1 and 2 buttons, B trigger, and occasionally A for taunting.

Source- http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/video-new-super-smash-bros-brawl-commercials-hit-japan
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Acer logo imageIs Acer prepping to go head-to-head with ASUS in the surprisingly hot low-cost laptop market? A Chinese-language Commercial Times report says so. The laptops are expected to carry 8- and 9-inch displays when launched "late in the first quarter or early second quarter" and priced to compete directly with the Eee. Of course, ASUS is planning their own refresh about that time so Acer (and Everex) had better keep on its toes.

Source- http://www.engadget.com/2008/01/16/eee-pc-killer-coming-from-acer/
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Manned cloud- The Flying hotel imageDesigner Jean-Marie Massaud created "Manned Cloud", a flying hotel that "will be able to accommodate 40 guests and have a range of 5,000 km."

Manned Cloud will have a cruising speed of 130 km/h and a top speed of 170 km/h. Two two-deck cabin will contain amenities including a restaurant, a library, a fitness suite and a spa.

Source- http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/pictures-manned-cloud-the-flying-hotel
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Top gear is coming to NBCI've got good news and bad news. First, the good: the amazing British auto show Top Gear is coming to the US! Now, the bad: it's in the form of a remake on NBC, haters of original ideas and kings of the unnecessary remake! That means that the wonderful hosts — Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond — won't be involved. Instead, knowing NBC, it'll probably be hosted by Macho Man Randy Savage, Vern Troyer and Alicia Silverstone.

Time will tell whether or not they'll be able to pull the remake off (they did a damn good job with The Office, after all), but I'm more than skeptical. Hit the jump to check out my favorite Top Gear segment ever and then try to imagine NBC doing something half as entertaining.

Source- http://gizmodo.com/344941/top-gear-coming-to-nbc-in-remake-form
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MacBook Air vs MacBook ProHow does Apple's new wonder of the world stack up to its fat, old, slow, nasty brethren? Well, you may be surprised to learn that the footprint doesn't change that much but in the thickness category there's simply no comparison.

Source- http://www.engadget.com/2008/01/15/apple-macbook-air-and-macbook-pro-size-showdown/
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Apple iTunes7.6 for VistaNot only is the latest version of iTunes (v7.6 for those keeping count) required to enjoy those brand new movie rentals, but users with 64-bit Windows Vista machines can now look forward to using the software without issue.

According to a number of tips, owners of said setups are apparently having no issues with it as of now. So, 64-bit Vista users -- for any of you courageous enough to give it a whirl, why not install iTunes 7.6 and report back with how things worked out?

Source- http://www.engadget.com/2008/01/15/apples-itunes-7-6-plays-nice-with-64-bit-vista/
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UB Funkeys Starter KitUB Funkeys - Starter Kit:

UBFunkeys are a set of highly collectible - and highly addictive - characters that build into a complete population. Once connected to your PC, each one opens-up a chunk of Funkeytown, a whole immersive universe to discover, explore… and save!

Source- http://www.gadgets-club.com/ub-funkeys-starter-kit/
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Prices of Macbook airI hope you didn't have your heart set on that sexy 64GB SSD that Steve teased as an "option" during his keynote: the 1.8GHz version with the SSD drive standard costs a whopping $3,100. For comparison's sake, adding a 64GB SSD to a Dell laptop with a 128GB SATA drive standard is a $1,000 option. At Alienware, you'll pay $900 to upgrade to a 64GB SSD from a 320GB 5400RPM drive. Those are probably 2.5-inch SSDs, however.

The 1.8-inch SSDs used in the Macbook Air are pricier, with prices looking to be around $1,300 on their own around the web.

Source- http://gizmodo.com/345101/adding-a-64gb-ssd-to-the-macbook-air-1300-extra-please
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iPhone in canadaAccording to a report from the market-mindful Bloomberg, old Jobsy could be dropping the iPhone on Canada come tomorrow's keynote. If you believe what RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky says (and that's a big if), Apple will unleash the phone via Rogers Communications -- the country's largest mobile service provider. "There's a very good chance that Apple will announce or discuss some kind of other carrier roll-outs, beyond the ones it has done in Europe and the U.S." He said, adding that, "There is definitely very strong demand and interest here." To which we say, "Duh," and, "Hey, we've heard this before."

Though we're not sure Steve will have time for the Canadian launch in his keynote, what with all the algae-based hard drives, unicorn laptops, and rays of pure energy he'll be introducing.

Source- http://www.engadget.com/2008/01/15/iphone-invading-canada-tomorrow/
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Sharapova maria photoHot tennis player Maria Sharapova is getting pretty popular nowadays. Not only is she the ambassador for the Canon brand, she’s also signed on with Sony Ericsson as its “first global brand ambassador”. Now that’s good marketing.

We guess tennis phenom Maria Sharapova has decided to permanently retire her PEBL and move on to greener pastures. Sony Ericsson has announced that they’ve picked up Miss Sharapova as its “first global brand ambassador” with the intention of bringing awareness to the brand using a superstar athlete in a sport that transcends nationality perhaps more than.

Source- http://www.thegadgetblog.com/2008/01/14/sony-ericsson-signs-maria-sharapova-up-as-ambassador/
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Gmail logoIs trouble brewing at Google over Gmail? Users around the globe have been reporting trouble, which seems to be focussed around the chat module. Personally, my chat has been freaking out for about 3 days now for no apparent reason, logging me on and off at random points and telling me my chats may or may not being going through. So what is up?

Google is characteristically tight-lipped regarding what is going on. The Google user community puts forth a work around: add Google talk to your iGoogle and use it there. Looks like that will work, though it is not as convenient.

So no, your not the only one having Gmail chat issues. We’ll update when we get any news from Google.

Source- http://www.gadgetell.com/tech/comment/gmail-got-you-down-where-did-my-chat-go/
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God of war imageGod of War: Chains of Olympus for the PSP " delivers highly detailed graphics, incredible animation detail and yet another adventure in the dark and brutal world of Greek mythology."

Experience Kratos' journey during the 10 years of servitude to the Gods of Olympus. In God of War: Chains of Olympus, Kratos will venture to lands that no mortal has ever walked upon.

With the world plunged in eternal darkness and the Gods rendered powerless, Kratos will ultimately be forced to choose between his own personal redemption and saving the ancient world from certain destruction.

Source- http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/new-god-of-war-chains-of-olympus-psp-trailer
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Intel penryn with pennyWhile rumors swirl of an impending Penryn delay, DigiTimes is reporting on a spate of new 45-nm Penryn processors set to launch in May. The new procs support Intel's 5th generation Centrino platform with optional WiMAX integration dubbed Montevina. Right, the 40% smaller successor to Santa Rosa. That lines up with earlier rumors mumbled back in August. Of the 15 new processors, 7 CPUs are destined for laptops while 8 of the procs feature a smaller 22-mm package size for subnotebooks and ultra-portables. Sorry, not MIDs, those are waiting for Intel's Menlow-platform based on the 45-nm Silverthorne CPU. Got it? Good.

Now feel free to click-through for all the rumored techno-gore you can stomach this early in the morning.

35-mm package size with 1,066MHz FSB:

* Core 2 Extreme QX9300 with 12MB L2 cache and TDP of 45W (unknown clock)
* Core 2 Extreme X9100 (3.06GHz, 6MB L2 cache and TDP of 44W)
* Core 2 Duo T9600 (2.8GHz, 6MB and 35W)
* T9400 (2.53GHz, 6MB and 35W)
* P9500 (2.53GHz, 6MB and 25W)
* P8600 (2.4GHz, 3MB and 25W)
* P8400 (2.26GHz, 3MB and 25W)

22-mm package size:

* SP9400 (2.4GHz, 6MB, 25W, 1,066MHz FSB)
* SP9300 (2.26GHz, 6MB, 25W, 1,066MHz FSB)
* SL9400 (1.86GHz, 6MB, 17W, 1,066MHz FSB)
* SL9300 (1.6GHz, 6MB, 17W, 1,066MHz FSB)
* SU9400 (1.4GHz, 3MB, 10W, 800MHz FSB)
* SU9300 (1.2GHz, 3MB, 10W, 800MHz FSB)
* U3300 (1.2GHz, 3MB, 5.5W, 800MHz FSB)
* Celeron 723 (1.2GHz, 1MB, 10W, 800MHz FSB)

Source- http://www.engadget.com/2008/01/15/intel-releasing-15-montevina-cpus-in-may/
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Porn Studio Ditches HD DVD with porn modelsWe missed this story while we were wandering around the halls of AVN, checking out streaming porn boxes, but apparently Digital Playground is dropping HD DVD in favor of Blu-ray in 2008. Joone, the founder of the video label, says they're dropping it not just because Warner and other companies switched, but because their Blu-ray titles actually outsold HD DVDs already. What can we take from this?

One, Digital Playground and other studios will probably stop selling HD DVD porn by the end of 2008. Two, PlayStation 3 owners really like porn in their living rooms.

Source- http://gizmodo.com/344655/porn-studio-ditches-hd-dvd-for-blu+ray-in-2008
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Leaked dell prototype laptop with sexy feelWe've had many a leaked Dell fall into our laps over the years, but this one is already shaping up to be our fave. We don't have a name, date, or price on it yet, but we can tell you this number is aiming to be 20mm (0.78-inches) thick, with an aluminum extrusion and carbon-fiber chassis -- exotic materials rarely found in Round Rock machines.

It'll also have an LED backlit display, but all of the above is still pretty early so there may be changes made before it goes into production -- which, by our standards, can't be soon enough.

Source- http://www.engadget.com/2008/01/14/leaked-dell-laptop-brings-the-sexy/
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Himanshu nigam- Myspace CSOUnder mounting pressure from law enforcement and parents, MySpace agreed Monday to take steps to protect youngsters from online sexual predators and bullies, including searching for ways to better verify users' ages.

The hugely popular online hangout will create a task force of industry professionals to improve the safety of users, and other social-networking sites will be invited to participate. "We must keep telling children that they're not just typing into a computer. They're sharing themselves with the world," said North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper.

The deal comes as sites such as MySpace and Facebook have grown exponentially in recent years, with teenagers making up a large part of their membership. This has created a new potential venue for sexual predators who lie about their age to lure young victims and for cyber bullies who send threatening and anonymous messages.

The only state not joining the agreement was Texas, where the attorney general said he cannot support the effort unless MySpace takes action to verify users' ages.

"We do not believe that MySpace.com — or any other social-networking site — can adequately protect minors" without an age-verification system, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said. "We are concerned that our signing the joint statement would be misperceived as an endorsement of the inadequate safety measures."

Monday's announcement was short on specifics about how improvements would be carried out. Skeptics doubt MySpace and similar sites can eliminate online predation because age-verification technology is difficult to implement and predators are good at circumventing restrictions.

Parry Aftab, executive director of Wiredsafety.org, a children's Internet safety group, said the agreement was a good first step but could have unforeseen consequences.

"There's no system that will work for age verification without putting kids at risk," she said. "Age verification requires that you have a database of kids and if you do, that database is available to hackers and anyone who can get into it."

Aftab estimates that 20 percent of teens have met someone online that they had never met in person, and there are numerous examples of sexual abuse arising from MySpace encounters.

On Monday, prosecutors in Queens announced that two girls younger than 15 were lured via MySpace to the home of a couple who allegedly plied them with alcohol, engaged them in group sex and took them to a strip club where the girls danced on stage.

A 15-year-old girl from Texas was allegedly lured to a meeting, drugged and assaulted in 2006 by an adult MySpace user. And a 13-year-old girl in Missouri hanged herself in 2006 after receiving mean messages on MySpace she thought came from another teen that actually were sent as a hoax.

MySpace, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., has more than 110 million active users worldwide, and Facebook claims more than 61 million active users.

Investigators have grown increasingly interested in the sites in their search for sexual offenders. New York investigators said they set up Facebook profiles last year as 12- to 14-year olds and were quickly contacted by users looking for sex.

Over the last two years, MySpace said it has implemented over 100 safety and security innovations, including using new technology to identify and remove registered six offenders from the site and pushing for tougher laws in this area. The company also said that it hopes other sites follow its lead in pushing for tougher standards.

"We thank the attorneys general for a thoughtful and constructive conversation on Internet safety," MySpace Chief Security Officer Hemanshu Nigam said in a statement. "This is an industrywide challenge, and we must all work together to create a safer Internet."

In the past 30 days, Nigam said later in an interview, MySpace launched new technology detecting links to pornography sites. The technology redirects people who click on such links to MySpace's home page.

MySpace wants to share safety technology that emerges from the task force and other research, Nigam said.

"We cannot ever compete on safety, when it comes to the safety of our teens," Nigam said.

Facebook said it welcomed the increased vigilance.

"We are happy to work further with the states to develop and deploy strategies to protect kids online," the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company said in a statement.

Under the agreement, profiles for users under age 16 will be set to private so no strangers can get information from their profile, users can block anyone over 18 from contacting them, and people over 18 cannot add anyone under 16 as a friend in their network unless they have their last name or their e-mail address.

Anthony Apreda, a 12-year-old from Teaneck, N.J., said he lied about his age to create a MySpace account two years ago. He said he was 18, and noted that other kids frequently do the same thing.

"You just put an age and a date and you just put it on there," the sixth-grader said.

MySpace said it is creating a database where parents can submit children's e-mail addresses to prevent their children from setting up profiles.

"The concept is this: We want to empower parents to be able to tell companies like ours that they don't want their kids on our sites," Nigam said.

The multistate investigation of the sites — announced last year — was aimed at putting together measures to protect minors and remove pornographic material, but lawsuits were still possible, officials said.

Source- http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080115/ap_on_hi_te/myspace_agreement;_ylt=AlLtPsS6nEE28z0vVJpTbjojtBAF
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Palm is sticking with its early-2009 projection for the upcoming Linux-based relaunch of the Palm OS -- possibly codenamed Nova.

Palm OS logoThat means this date isn't exactly a surprise, but we've really been hoping that this 2009 business was some sort of bad dream, since it's abundantly clear that Palm needs a new OS yesterday. To clarify further, Palm's Stephane Mass stated that Palm expects to wrap the OS late in 2008, and get tool to developers in time for devices early in the next year.

Palm plans to keep offering Windows Mobile and Palm OS devices, and to make Centro the heart of its 2008 lineup.

Source- http://www.engadget.com/2008/01/14/first-palm-os-ii-devices-to-hit-early-2009-is-it-already-too-la/
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Mac AirbookWired's Apple insider says it is. Their rendering is super skinny and shaped like a teardrop when it's closed, bulging at the hinge and tapering down to the edge. Ethernet ports are jettisoned in favor of wireless only—the most sensible explanation for the "Air" moniker yet. Aluminum casing, ultra-thin, all wireless—all reasonable given what's come out.

The much less likely bit is that the screen itself is multi-touch—trackpad, maybe—but obviously we'll see tomorrow.

Source- http://gizmodo.com/344813/is-this-the-macbook-air-most-plausible-yet
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Off World Interceptor ExtremeIn Off-World Interceptor Extreme, players choose vehicles and "blow up rivals."

You want to know how make an awesome racing game? Throw "Extreme" at the end of it. Oh wait... that never works.

Source- http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/video-game-vault-off-world-interceptor-extreme
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slashes hardware and software pricesHD DVD's response to being unceremoniously jilted by Warner going into CES was ... nothing. A canceled press conference, downtrodden Toshiba press conference and rumors of further losses left great doubt that red had anything left in 2008, but now HD DVD is firing back. Leveraging its "approximately 50% market share in 2007" -- we're not sure where that number comes from either, we've contacted Toshiba for clarification -- indisputable lead in the notebook market and 100% compatibility with internet-enabled HDi features, Toshiba has announced it is not laying down yet. Effective yesterday, the HD-A3 MSRP has dropped to $149.99, the 1080p-capable HD-A30 to $199.99, and the top of the line HD-A35 to $299.99. Combined with an extended "perfect offer" of 5 free HD DVDs with every purchase, Toshiba's HD DVD Concierge service, and a sudden 50% off sale on Amazon, it seems this format will not go quietly into the dark. Fire sale to clear suddenly obsolete inventory or real chance to hang onto its remaining supporters? This could be the best -- or worst -- time to pick a side in the HD war.

Update: Amazon is also having a 50% off Blu-ray sale, so whatever your format of choice, pick up some discs and let the movie studios know who you rep.

Source- http://www.engadget.com/2008/01/14/hd-dvd-fires-back-slashes-hardware-and-software-prices/
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Apple- Time machine is upcomingApple's latest "Get a Mac" ad "features a number of Macs who quickly explain what Time Machine is to a slightly confused PC."

I've gone on record saying that Apple should tout specific features in their ads for Macs, and this ad is a very good start.

Source- http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/video-apple-releases-new-time-machine-get-a-mac-ad
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Army of two PS3 Xbox360 combat trailerSet for release on March 4th is EA's Army of Two, which utilizes a "unique two-man strategies and tactics while seamlessly transitioning between playing with intelligent Partner AI (PAI) and a live player."

When one man is not enough, it will take an army of two to fight through war, political turmoil and a conspiracy so vast it threatens the entire world.

Source- http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/army-of-two-ps3-xbox-360-combat-trailer
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Sony Nintendo paggedCopper Innovations Group has a bone to pick with Sony and Nintendo, and has filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania seeking after some monies and an injunction against further infringement. The patent in question? Copper has a patent dating back to 1996 that "covers a method for connecting devices to a system and sorting their inputs by means of hardware identification numbers tied to each transmission." Sounds like it would cover just about any sort of controller ever, but the lawsuit apparently is referring to Bluetooth -- Microsoft, which uses a proprietary wireless standard for the 360, isn't being named in the suit.

No official word from Sony or Nintendo yet, but Sony lawyers could be heard crying softly into a pillow somewhere.

Source- http://www.engadget.com/2008/01/12/sony-and-nintendo-pegged-with-lawsuit-from-vague-controller-pate/
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Mazda Furai conceptOur motor head siblings over at Jalopnik are going to be covering the crap out of the Detroit Auto Show, but in the pre show warm-up they have come across a little gem; the Mazda Furai concept on video. The clip shows the vehicle screaming around the track at Leguna Seca, which made us excited enough, but the super futuristic styling made us think the Batmobile just got replaced with this American Le Mans Series inspired race car, which has a Cougar C65 chassis and a three-rotor rotary engine capable of 450 hp.

If there is anything that makes us weak at the knees, it's Batman, his arsenal of gadgets, his souped up vehicles and anything that resembles them. So, excuse us while we watch the video one more time, allowing its content to turn us to jelly. Ooh, Furai, unleash your Furai on us.

Source- http://gizmodo.com/344248/mazda-furai-concept-puts-us-into-batman-euphoric-mode
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Home thermostatsIt's not like we haven't heard of a higher power invading one's home before, but apparently, a proposal set to be considered at month's end could allow the state of California to "require that residents install remotely monitored temperature controls in their homes next year." The Programmable Communication Thermostat (PCT) would feature a "non-removable" FM receiver which could be controlled by Big Brother in "times of emergency" to drop load in order for "utilities to meet their supplies [when] the integrity of the grid is being jeopardized."

Of course, we are hearing that adjustments would only be made ±4 degrees, but we aren't so keen on one thing leading to another, if you catch our drift.

Source- http://www.engadget.com/2008/01/13/home-thermostats-big-brothers-next-target/
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Want to make your Nintendo Wii stand out from the crowd? No problem. These stunning examples should provide plenty of inspiration, at least until more colors are released. Continue reading for the full list.

Inspired by the legendary Metroid series, the Samus Wii was designed in AutoCAD and includes a hand-cut, light-up logo. Plenty of Metroid memorabilia is available on the cheap. For true fans, consider springing for this stunning creation.

Nintendo Wii case 1 - Zelda1. Zelda

With Zelda goodness on the outside, this case is the ultimate in aesthetic Wii modifications. In addition to the light-up shield and Trifoce, a matching sword is also included.

We've never been a fan of chrome gadgets; they can get a bit too shiny. This Nintendo Wii case is a welcome exception. For gamers who have the console in storage, it will be easy to spot when you decide to dig it out.

Nintendo Wii case 2 -Samus2. Samus

With its snazzy design and illuminated Rockstar logo, this case strives to be the centerpiece in any Nintendo collection. Thanks to a sleek color scheme, it blends right into your wall of GTA posters.

Nintendo Wii case 3 - Chrome3. Chrome

Nintendo's NES console is known for its simple yet memorable design. Since the Wii case is already white, just get the masking tape, black paint, and NES font decals ready.

Nintendo Wii case 4 - Rockstar4. Rockstar

Nintendo Wii case 5 - NES5. NES

Source- http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/feature-5-stunning-nintendo-wii-cases
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