Marque Gumbs, a 32 year old clerk in New York's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center made $37,000 a year officially. He actually ranked in millions by ordering and flipping thousands of unneeded toner ink cartridges

When the hospital's printers needed new toners, he was responsible for ordering and receiving them, and then installing them in the facility's various printers. He got a $1000 paycheck every two weeks for doing this. But according to a recently filed criminal complaint, Gumbs ordered $3.8 million unnecessary and incompatible cartridges over the last six years. Reports say that none of these cartridges ever used into the hospital.

Recently, he has caught red-handed through a footage shows him intercepting the toner deliveries and ferreting them off to the hospital's garage. He's currently being held on a charge grand larceny in excess of $1 million. OMG...
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Recently, Microsoft wrote on their website about Kinects sales. Microsoft sold 2.5 million Kinect sensors in a convenient 25 days.

We all know that this big sales figures achieved due to "Black Friday Sales" from last weekend. Sony's been mum on Move numbers since it announced 1 million units shipped about a month ago. Microsoft says it's on pace to sell 5 million Kinect units through this holiday, which could be a magical thing: what sort of 3D video extravaganza could we pull off with 5 million Kinects in tandem? Read more details at Microsoft Sales PR Section.
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