Heldi Klumwith 925 bluetooth headsetid=It's really interesting how the celebrity can make a product swiftly seem sexier. We are not 5'9" with hazel eyes, but Heidi Klum is, and we both use the same bluetooth headset: the Plantronics Discovery 925 in glittery gold.

It's an enormous piece of equipment — it's lightweight, the battery lasts forever, and its simple v-shaped design is easy to stick in and out of the ear. Its come with a pretty rectangular gold case that twice a charging station. $150 might sound like a bit much for an earpiece, but it's zero compared to what you'd have to pay to imitate the rest of Heidi's outfit, even if she's just hanging out a white sweat suit.

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chic beltNow you're going to sport a full with utility belt, as opposed to a more diminutive one, it should be mandatory that you also wear some legit combat gear, ninja boots, or a Batman cape.

Or else be bikini-clad, big sunglasses-wearing, cigarette-smoking 20-somethings somehow entitled to co-opt anything and everything when it comes to fashion?

Following the jump, other geeky tech accessories that are difficult to pull off, unless maybe you are a bikini-clad 20-something.

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Xbox liveObserve any dissimilarity? Because after being losing off the grid for 24 for some scheduled maintenance, Xbox LIVE is back up.

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