LG GD 900 CellPhone
LG has something that’s nobody expecting – the world’s first transparent design mobile gadget, the LG-GD900. Having introduced a selection of highly stylish phones. The LG-GD900 is expected to make a new fashion statement. When opened, its sliding, translucent keypad illuminates a cool glow that reflects the phone’s sleek and polished silver body.

The LG-GD900 is scheduled for release during the second quarter of 2009 and the phone’s advanced features will be unveiled at that time.
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Lexus LS600 CarThe Lexus LS 600 is powered by an Gas V8 4.6L/281 engine which produces 380 horsepower and 367 Torque. It is a rear wheel drive vehicle with a 8-speed automatic transmission with gated shifter.

The Lexus LS Series is available in Starfire Pearl, Mercury Metallic, Smoky Granite Mica, Opaline Pearl, Obsidian, Nobel Spinel Mica, Golden Almond Metallic, Truffle Mica, Verdigris Mica and Black Sapphire Pearl finishes at a starting price of $57,678.
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Sony Cybershot 10.1 SnapshotSony Launches DSC-W190 and DSC-W180 Cybershot W Series Cameras. The Sony W180 offers 10.1 megapixel' resolution while W190 offers a high resolution of 12.1 effective megapixels. Both feature a 3x optical zoom lens and 2.7-inch Clear Photo LCD respectively. With smart zoom, maximum magnification to a frame-filling 18x for W190 and 17x for W180 for dramatic close-ups, says the company.

The features of these cyber shots are:-
  • Face Detection allows the cameras to easily detect up to 8 faces in a scene and automatically adjusts focus, exposure and white balance.
  • Digital SteadyShot reduces the effects of camera shake by recording two images in rapid succession and then superimposing the images to reduce the appearance of camera shake. With Smile Shutter activated, you can simply focus on a face and the camera shoots automatically when the person within the frame smiles.
  • A high sensitivity mode of up to ISO 3200 also eliminates blur when shooting in dimly lit environments or when capturing fast-moving subjects.
  • The new W series also offers seven scene selection modes: High Sensitivity, Twilight, Twilight Portrait, Landscape, Soft Snap, Snow, and Beach, that adjusts and optimizes camera settings automatically for the user's environment, making beautiful images easier to capture.
  • With drag-and-drop style, users can easily transfer their images and videos onto their computers via USB.
  • In addition, the new cameras are bundled with Picture Motion Browser ver. 4.2.01 software for effortless photo and video management.
One of the new functions available in this version is eDeco, which allows users to easily add unique, mood-enhancing elements to their photos and videos. This includes matching photo frames, background music, text and sound effects. Another new feature is Movie Tracer, which allows the user to construct breathtaking panoramic images using a combination of movie frames. The new Cyber-shot W series cameras will be available at Sony authorized dealers and national retail partners across the country at Rs. 8,990 for DSC-W180 and Rs. 9,990 for DSC-W190. The cameras are available in metallic red, black and silver, and sport a brushed metal chassis.
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SmartphonesA survey hosted by Best Buy Mobile shows that half of people don't, with 47% saying the things confuse the heck out of them, while 60% of those aged 35 - 49 feel that people with smartphones spend too much time working and not enough time playing. Those feelings of confusion and ire doesn't stop a "sizable segment" of the rest of the 1,000 people surveyed from wanting a handset with brains, with most desiring access to the sort of apps you can't get on dumbphones, and 14% of women saying that playing games was "very important"

only 9% of men said the same. It’s very sad, there was no exact figure indicating how many people enjoy paying too much for text messages and signing their lives away on lengthy contracts. Source: Survey
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Skype Travel Mouse
There’s certainly no shortage of Skype phone accessories and now Skype adding Travel Mouse a latest pc gadget. It comes with an inbuilt VoIP phone and you can see whose calling via the built-in LCD screen before you pickup. To make a call just slide out the keypad, dial and press the mouse to your face or use the speaker phone function.

It has an 800 dpi optical sensor and appears to be Windows only compatible. It can be you’re in $34.69.
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Jabra Go 6400
The Jabra Go 6400 look to be standard noise-cancelling Bluetooth and DECT headsets, respectively, with a multifunction button to answer/reject/redial/mute calls and adjust the volume. However, these headsets are paired with an industry first touch-screen base for call management. The 2.4-inch capacitive LCD displays caller ID, call records, and lets users switch between their mobile, desk, and corporate softphones via a spin of the carousel.

Functions already built-in to the headsets or accessible via the displays on the devices it connects to. They are launching it in September and $199 is nothing when you're spending someone else's money.
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Amazing Geist Projector (T-BALL)

T-Ball Geist ProjectorWhile projectors traditionally use lenses to offset the throw of the image the floating ball can rise or fall in space to make projection even more flexible. Plus, the projector is not just a projector but a series of micro projectors, allowing users to display multiple images to and from multiple angles. So you can watch the latest Power Rangers on one wall while you pretend to watch CNN on another.

Of course, by the time micro projectors are good enough for home theater use; we'll probably all have HD imaging paints anyway and just cover our walls with electronic wallpaper.
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Cool New AV Recever NeoHD (YMC) By Yamaha
Yamaha clumsily calls neoHD a "media connector," which makes it sounds like just part of the home-theater equation. NeoHD really is a streamlined AV receiver with more emphasis on "V" than "A." It's a small box with a zillion inputs—3 HDMI, 2 component, 1 composite, both optical and coax digital audio, and a USB port—and a few choice outputs. In short NeoHD support for media on USB disks, but you can add on an iPod dock or a Bluetooth stereo receiver.

There's an amp to drive your own 5.1 surround-sound speaker set, or a 2.1 system that you can buy bundled with it that uses a virtual surround sound. There are IR blasters for TiVo, cable boxes. So that everything can be run and managed through the system. NeoHD got a super-simplified remote. The basic neoHD receiver, the YMC-500, costs $600 & $800 for YMC-500 with 2.1 speakers thrown in.
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sna95sna95 9 bundle tipssna95 stand It's tough to tell without anything to scale this image, but the Cooler Master SNA 95 is the smallest 95W laptop adapter around—yet still manages to integrate some convenient extras. Measuring just 2.9 x 0.7 x 5.7, the SNA 95 includes practicalities beyond its 9 bundled tips that are compatible with most major brands of laptops.

The Cooler Master system also includes a cable management system, slick cool LED indicators and a USB port for whatever else might need charging. As of now, the SNA 95 is available for $70 at one retailer. But it should pop up elsewhere soon.
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