New Xbox console coming in 2010Be cautious about putting too much stock into an admittedly far off rumors, Microsoft's set to release a new Xbox console in Fall 2010, and that current media wonderful Project Natal is "the cornerstone" of that progression. Specs-wise, it's suggested we're looking at only a marginal boost analogous to Nintendo's GameCube-to-Wii transition -- place your bets on how long it'll take to "max out" this time, as well as a rebranding (Xbox Natal, anyone?) aimed at attracting the highly popular, more mainstream / casual audience, before Mario and the crew grab a second wind with the oft-rumored Wii HD.

There's nothing mind-boggling about these whispers, but again, Fall 2010 is quite a ways off and anything can happen in the meantime.

First promotion will allegedly by the 2010 Game Developers Conference in early March, so our best bet for now is to hold tight and keep a close watch on who gets a primetime slot among that event's crucial speeches.

Are you guys waiting for new Xbox???
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Dell Twitter SnapshotThe new emerging social media technologies out there is Twitter, somewhat a lot of debate already over whether it will end up being a flash-in-the-pan trend or a long-lasting success. Dell additional another vote to the 'long-lasting success' column when it announced, it has accumulated over 3 million dollars in earnings as a result of Twitter.

Most of the money came from Dell releasing coupons and sale information to their 624,000+ Twitter followers.
Since January the Dell Outlet has earn more than 1 million dollars from customers who visited their site through a Twitter link.
It's heartening to see a major corporation looking for innovative ways to generate revenue through a new media channel. Dell jumped on the Twitter bandwagon right off the bat, and they have more than 200 employees whose job it is to answer questions and give out information to customers over Twitter.

Dell also used Twitter as a fast and cheap way to do market research. Their notebook team has kept up a continuing dialogue with Twitter users in order to see the changes consumers want. Dell also asking their Twitter followers for suggestions for future changes and features needed for their upcoming Mini notebooks.

Twitter itself hasn't made a dime off of their sales and free marketing Dell has been raking in the dough. A problem for Twitter, and they've stated that they are looking at ways to offer 'official' accounts to corporations with things like Twitter-based revenue tracking in exchange for a small fee. Dell seems hesitant about the idea of paying for what is currently a free service, but as long as Twitter makes the cost of a corporate account low.

This shows the how virally Dell guys are promoting on Twitter. Follow me on Twitter: GadgetsWorld.
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Samsung e1107 crest solar cellphoneThe first commercially available handset fueled by the power of the sun is announced by Samsung’s E1107 Crest Solar cell phone. Dual-band 900 /1800 MHz GSM phones encase a huge solar cell on the back cover that can charge its 800mAh battery. In accordance with Samsung, the phone (when turned off) can run 5-10 minutes for each hour it charges under the sun.

Other features contain:
* Built-in FM radio
* MP3 ringers
* Flashlight function
* Mobile Tracker (security feature which alerts when the SIM is swapped)
* Fake call function to get out of that lousy date
* 1.52 inch, 128×128 pixel CSTN display
* 40 polyphonic ringtones
* Dimensions: 4.1in x 1.7in x 0.6in)

Samsung E1107 Crest Solar cell phone will launch in markets this June.
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BillShrink recently created a status chart comparison between iPhone, Palm Pre, and Android G1 smart phones or so-called “new generation” smartphones

Smart phonesWhat you think on it, please share your thouhghts...
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New laptops by Toshiba satelliteThe Toshiba Satellite series leaving us hanging this summer by offering up four new laptops of our choice. The feature offers by all new devices will multi-touch control and an Eco function that allows us to slow down our green impact.

The top range model, A500, comes with a stunning 16 inch TrueBrite screen with 16:9 ratio. The A500 comes with an integrated HD webcam and dual layer DVD drive.

The Toshiba Satellite U500 is a more portable version of the A500 since the screen is a mere 13.3 inches and a resolution of 1280×800.

Then the L500 and L550 versions are wide screen models for the extra budget consumer which features either a 15.6 or a 17.3 inch.

Prices are soon to be discovered and the collection is predictable out in late July.
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nanotubeThe Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and UC Berkeley researchers have developed an ultra-dense memory chip, capable of storing data for billion of years (besting silicon chips by roughly... a billion years). Consisting of a crystalline iron Nanoparticle shuttle covered within a multiwalled carbon Nanotube, the device can be write and read from using conventional voltages already available with digital electronics from today.

The research was lead by Alex Zettl, who observe that current digital storage methods are capable of storing mass amount of data. The new method, is based on the iron Nanoparticle which can move back and forth within the hollow Nanotu known as shuttle memory.Alex Zettl believes that, shuttle memory is years away from practical application, it could have a lot of archival applications in the future.
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