Brought in 2006, the Audi R8 is based on the Lamborghini Gallardo platform. This amazing car is due to replaced with an all-new model in 2014. Ever since its release, modders have been going crazy with the car, including creating golden versions. The new monochromatic finish definitely calls for extensive staring at the vehicle. That’s a tantalizing blend of making us believe that such things do exist. Onlookers will not get blinded with a brilliant reflective surface but instead can have a closer look at its rich matte finish, which sets this car apart from all other GT machines. The rich color of gold and the superb matte finish has even made the black Audi R8 look dull.

Some of the noteworthy features of Audi R8 are mid-mounted V8 FSI engine, quattro permanent 4 wheel drive and Audi space frame aluminum body. The engine can deliver almost 420 HP and sprints the car from 0 to 60 mph at 4.5 seconds and can go up to 187 mph.

Though gold lovers may not get to drive a car made of gold but they have a possibility of driving a golden car with this remarkable golden Audi R8.
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This is Gold INGOT USB Drive from Japan. This is not a really gold ingot but the memory inside carries 99.99 percent 24 karat pure gold leaf. If you ever dreamed of a golden USB memory stick, here’s one in front of your eyes. Made by I-O Data, the so-called Gold Ingot USB Memory [JP] offers 4GB capacity. The body is mainly made of Japanese wood and covered by a thin layer of gold. The USB drive is manufactured in alliance with Japanese company Hakuichi [JP] and weighs 15g. It can be used with Windows PCs and Apple Macs. This 24K gold bar USB stick is priced at $870 to be exact. It is available in either 4GB or 32GB varieties.
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