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Great News folks!
In an official announcement from Apple, there will be no shipment charges at all on all products purchased from their online store during this Christmas season. Apple is already approaching fast since beginning of the winter holidays from their Black Friday sale and new commercials, and now with their free shipping offer.

The offer is valid till December 22nd, during which all purchases will get free shipping, giving the opportunity to consumers to save on their money at low cost purchases that are below the normal obligation of $50 dollars or more.

What Apple also bringing with the free shipping offer, is its gift wrapping service (which it happens every year), offering customers to order gifts for family or friends in Apple’s red ribbon, pre-wrapped style.

This free shipment offer is only available to those residing in the U.S., with Canadian and U.K. Apple stores showing free delivery for “today only.” So hurry up and make sure you take advantage of this great offer from the Apple online store while purchasing gifts for your loved ones this Christmas.

Have a Great Christmas!
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Hyundai’s i40 is a family-sized estate car. South Korean car manufacturer reckons it can attract retail customers to this Tourer (estate) version with a killer blend of price, specification, attractive styling and outstanding fuel economy.

The i40 features Hyundai’s now-signature hexagonal grille and large, chiselled front bumper, alongside the familiar swooping body contours and high-waisted window line. Other features include the Style trim level including cruise control, satnav, dual-zone air-con, a parking camera, folding mirrors, stop/start, privacy glass and automatic wipers.

Power for the i40 comes courtesy of either a 2.0-litre GDI petrol from Hyundai’s ‘Nu’ engine family or a 1.7-litre common-rail direct-injection four-cylinder turbo-diesel – both of which can be paired to either a six-speed manual gearbox (entry-level Active variants only) or six-speed automatic transmission with standard paddle-shifters behind the steering wheel. It also produces 100kW of power and 330Nm (between 2000 and 2500rpm), or 320Nm when paired with the six-speed automatic.

The car also includes a vehicle stability management system (VSM) which Hyundai claims can manage the safety systems more effectively by automatically applying them as needed, as well as providing counter-steering assistance for the driver in emergency situation.

This new Hyundai i40 also fitted with no fewer than 9 airbags – driver and front passenger, front and rear thorax, side curtain and driver’s knee bag – and anti-whiplash front headrests.

There’s plenty of space and the seat-folding mechanism is simple enough; with them collapsed you get 1,719 litres of space.

In short, this handsome car is spacious, comfortable and well equipped.
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UK Google Nexus

On this November 17, British mobile lovers will be getting first looks on Android 4.0 run Galaxy Nexus Smartphone. Samsung has announced that it is on its way at releasing the Galaxy Nexus, the first gadget to formally run Android 4.0. It would be a first before anyone other. Samsung’s Head for Mobile Services in UK, Simon Stanford established this news by saying that
“we’re delighted to introduce the Galaxy Nexus to the UK and are looking forward to seeing it in the UK shops on the 17th of November.”
He also mentioned that the level of curiosity and eagerness surrounding the release of the Galaxy Nexus has been amazing. Galaxy Nexus, apart from Android 4.0, has also features like a 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED display, 5Mega Pixel camera, rounded design, and 1.2GHz dual core processor. Its arrival in other parts of world is still to be announced. Wishing best of luck to those, who will get their first hand on the mobile on November 17.

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There is always a hysterical amount of interest that a new, affordable small car generates. How could we forget the Tata Nano? So there was in case of Hyundai Motors’ latest model in small car (in fact, latest by any in long time) named Hyundai EON. The Eon has been pitted squarely against the Maruti (Suzuki) Alto, the Chevrolet Spark and possibly even proves in-house competition for the Hyundai Santro Xing.

Pitched as a low cost car to attract vast Indian middle class, it was predicted to be at the price of even lower than alto. But albeit it’s assumed prices, it turned out almost the same price as Hyundai Santro and has disappointed lot of people. Though its end variants are cheaper but they come with hardly any luxury.

So, how does it look anyways? The Eon stays very much within the ‘Fluidic’ design philosophy that Hyundai has adopted of late, with the characteristic hexagonal ‘mouth’ and the swept back headlamps. The ‘kick-up’ lines down its flanks give it a sporty look, as do the creases on its bonnet; the triangular fog lamps look cool as well. Comma-shaped taillights and an integrated rear spoiler round off the fresh, funky look – this is a car that will appeal to a broad cross-section of people, if not its price.

Eon boast off a three-cylinder, 814cc engine. In essence, this is the 1.1-litre motor that powers the i10, with one cylinder less. The engine does, however, get a counter balance to keep vibrations in check. Bore and stroke measure 67 x 77mm while the engine features a 3-valves-per-cylinder SOHC arrangement. Peak power output is 55bhp. The Eon shares its 5-speed transmission with the Santro and features a mechanical linkage.

Generating a peak power of 56PS at 5,500 rpm and a peak torque of 7.65 KgM at 4,000 rpm, the Eon's engine manages to beat the current benchmark – Alto – convincingly. The Alto's 800cc engine manages 47 PS of peak power at 6,200 rpm and a peak torque of 6.3 KgM at 3,000 rpm. For a 3-cylinder unit, the Eon's engine manages to be fairly refined under steady acceleration and gets a bit gruffy and audible only at high revs.
What you may not like is its “Gears” which tend to vibrate a lot along with its external body and could prove a turn off for many buyers. Also, the steering lacks self-centering action and this can be a concern at highway speeds. Power delivery at slow speeds is slightly jerky. The engine does not have the pep of the Alto K-series' larger motor. Power is adequate to keep up with city traffic but you do need to pre-plan when overtaking bigger vehicles.

The single-piece front seats provide fair back support but their tapering shape means your shoulders are literally unsupported. Under-thigh support is not impressive and the fixed headrests a tad short. The rear doors open wide enough but the flat seat with built-in headrests feels too reclined and taller passengers will be short on shoulder support in the back as well. Under-thigh support could be better and headroom is limited.

To lower down costs and to keep the price competitive, some parts from the Santro and i10 have been carried over into the Eon. Hyundai has also decided to offer a variant with a driver's airbag and a front passenger airbag will also be available, though that might be offered later.

This new car may not have the space of the Tata Nano or the power of the Alto K10, but it tempts you with its combination of eye-catching styling, well-built interiors and promises of great fuel economy. Santro may eventually turn out its main competitor because of the Eon's price being very close, if not overlapping with the Santro.
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Brought in 2006, the Audi R8 is based on the Lamborghini Gallardo platform. This amazing car is due to replaced with an all-new model in 2014. Ever since its release, modders have been going crazy with the car, including creating golden versions. The new monochromatic finish definitely calls for extensive staring at the vehicle. That’s a tantalizing blend of making us believe that such things do exist. Onlookers will not get blinded with a brilliant reflective surface but instead can have a closer look at its rich matte finish, which sets this car apart from all other GT machines. The rich color of gold and the superb matte finish has even made the black Audi R8 look dull.

Some of the noteworthy features of Audi R8 are mid-mounted V8 FSI engine, quattro permanent 4 wheel drive and Audi space frame aluminum body. The engine can deliver almost 420 HP and sprints the car from 0 to 60 mph at 4.5 seconds and can go up to 187 mph.

Though gold lovers may not get to drive a car made of gold but they have a possibility of driving a golden car with this remarkable golden Audi R8.
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This is Gold INGOT USB Drive from Japan. This is not a really gold ingot but the memory inside carries 99.99 percent 24 karat pure gold leaf. If you ever dreamed of a golden USB memory stick, here’s one in front of your eyes. Made by I-O Data, the so-called Gold Ingot USB Memory [JP] offers 4GB capacity. The body is mainly made of Japanese wood and covered by a thin layer of gold. The USB drive is manufactured in alliance with Japanese company Hakuichi [JP] and weighs 15g. It can be used with Windows PCs and Apple Macs. This 24K gold bar USB stick is priced at $870 to be exact. It is available in either 4GB or 32GB varieties.
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In competition with iPhone 4S, Apple ready to is approach with iPad 3 as its future product.

For consumers, the big question is when the iPad 3 will launch, from sources, Apple is sending the iPad 3 into production this quarter. Apple believes 600,000 to 1 million iPad 3 units will be built this quarter and only commit to early 2012.

Some feature of iPad 3 would be like "A6" processor and processor will feature four cores instead of the dual-core A5 in the iPad 2. And as you might expect, the company has so far been reluctant to comment on the iPad 3.
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Update: Hyundai India launched its smallest car Eon today in Gurgaon. Hyundai Eon launched in 6 variants with starting price if under Rs. Rs 2.69 Lakhs to top variant of Rs. 3.71 Lakhs. Hyundai Dealers have already started to accept the booking of Hyundai Eon car starting October 1, 2011 with a booking amount of Rs. 20,000. Here're the list of prices basis on the model:
  • Hyundai EON D-lite : Rs 2.69 lakhs
  • Hyundai EON D-lite-o :  Rs 2.91 lakhs
  • Hyundai EON Eera : Rs. 3.11 lakhs
  • Hyundai EON Magna : Rs. 3.36 lakhs
  • Hyundai EON Magna-o : Rs. 3.46 lakhs
  • Hyundai EON Sportz : Rs. 3.71 lakhs
Hyundai Eon Front View
First instance of action in the cut throat low end entry level car segment is almost a revolution with Hyundai throwing style, substance, space, performance and fuel efficiency to take on the Alto league.
After launching a slew of premium hatchbacks in India, Hyundai is now preparing to introduce a small car priced below Rs. 3 lakh. The car, to be called Hyundai Eon, will compete against Maruti Suzuki's best-selling car Alto.

Eon will be an entry-level car but at the same time it is likely to be spacious with a large boot. The car is likely to be powered by an 814 cc engine with a mileage promise of over 20 km per litre.
Hyundai Eon Luxury Interiors
Brings us straight to discussing the price point of the new vehicle which should be on or about the Rs 2.5-lakh ex-showroom sticker tag for the base Alto. Hyundai would have worked out what it had to do with a brand new modern design to try and engineer it not just to the pricing of the Alto but more importantly, allow it to deliver more in terms of style, occupant space, performance, fuel efficiency than the established segment leader.

Thus was born Project HA, which saw not just Hyundai’s design and development centre at Namyang in Korea do most of the work, but the fact that Hyundai’s Hyderabad-based R&D centre also pitched in massively to firm up a product which is fresh and appealing and also meets most requirements in this class of small car in India.
Hyundai Eon Back View
The new Hyundai is a stunner with substance to boot, as I discovered during the course of an exclusive half an hour session driving this small Hyundai at the firm’s Namyang test track. In one fell swoop Hyundai seems to have re-written a new chapter for entry level small cars and it is here in the Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 3.0 lakh space, where most entry level buyers are to be found searching for their first spanking new automobile.
While the Tata Nano may be cheaper, the Indian consumer is looking at better value, more substance and style rather than just focus on pricing. And in this era where every detail counts, the Eon should be the one which could ignite an all-new and more meaningful race in this segment.
Hyundai Eon in White Color
The Eon is built on a completely new platform which has no bearing on the ones used before, either for the Santro or the svelte i10. What clearly denotes the Eon is its stylish exterior with hints of Hyundai’s fluidic design language showing. It is no secret that trying to style a small package is much more difficult than a larger sized hatch or saloon.
But with the Eon, the Hyundai design team has really pulled out all the stops and emerged with a package that is fresh, contemporary and appealing. Casey Hyun, the Australian-born Korean who headed the design team, was clear in his mind that style was as important as the interior detailing needed to prepare a product which had to stand the test of time in a class which would see newer competition arrive sooner rather than later.
Hyundai Eon in Blue Color
Hyundai Eon GL Car Specifications:

  • Name: Eon
  • Model: GL
  • Car Body Type: Hatchback
  • Segment: A Segment
  • Fuel Consumption (Highway): 21.00 km/l
  • Fuel Consumption (City): 15.00 km/l
  • Displacement: 814cc, 3 cylinder
  • Engine Type: Petrol
  • Maximum Power: 55 Bhp @ 5500 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 75 Nm @ 4000 rpm
  • Length: 3495 mm
  • Width: 1550 mm
  • Height: 1500 mm
  • Seating Capacity: 5
  • Tyre Size: 155/70 R13
  • Boot Space: 215.00 ltrs.
  • Steering: Power
  • Brakes: Front Disk, Rear Drum
  • Gears: 5 Manual
  • Body Color Bumpers: Yes
  • AC: AC without Climate Control
  • Power Windows: Yes
  • Central Locking: Manual
  • Remote Boot: Yes
  • Remote Fuel Filler: Yes
  • Driver Seat Adjustment: Manual
  • Music System: Optional
  • Door Mirror: Both Side Manual
  • Tinted Glass: Yes
  • Folding Rear Seats: Yes
Here's the Hyundai EON Cool Teaser Video:
Follow below mentioned channels for more updates:
Will add more update regularly so keep watching…
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Nokia Windows Phone

Nokia Windows Phone coming out this year disclosed this week the six launch markets for the vanguard devices arrive out of the Microsoft-Nokia partnership. Six hosts to Nokia's Windows Phone debut are France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK, but the company's mother nation of Finland has oddly been left out in race. The WP7 handsets are ready they'll find themselves quickly available worldwide, but if you want to be first to owe it, will have to visit Europe's western shores preferably some time before the year end.
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Not confirmed about the name for the device correctly, but the leaked T-Mobile (US) document points to a couple of forthcoming LG devices - there is the LG Flip II and the LG Maxx Q included. There are the rumors about same format device might have different names on different carriers. The great sense of regret that we didn’t have longer with it to find out all the details. The standing person on the table he didn’t know much about the handset at all, but mentioned the name Flip II.

It’s fairly stocky device, fatter than the Milestone 2, with LG being fairly generous with the bodywork. It bears some of the same design cues as the LG Quantum/LG Optimus 7Q around the front speaker, and picks up the four touch controls under the screen as we saw on the LG Optimus 2X and Optimus Black.

The camera on the back is LED supported but there are no markings to indicate what MP it might pack in, and LG usually label their cameras, so we’re guessing it isn’t final hardware. We don’t know what the screen declaration is, but it didn’t immediately strike us as being impressive , although that could simply be down to early build software, so it was obviously recently stealed from the box.

This LG phone trapped our eye because of the display between the keys which made us think probably a US exclusive handset, Nestling between the slide-out QWERTY keyboard is a secondary touchscreen and in our examining urge it did exactly what you’d expect - launch the apps positioned on it as shortcuts. Two of the eight spaces are left blank and ready to be assigned.

We’re in suspense is it final hardware as there was noticeable movement between the two halves of the phone.
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USB is one of the most widely used connection technologies in the world, found on everything from PCs to tablets to printers to smartphones. Peak speeds for "SuperSpeed" USB--the official categorization for the 3.0 specification--are about 10 times that of USB 2.0, the current standard.

The primary story for USB in 2010 was the emergence of the SuperSpeed standard. 2011 should be a much bigger year for the technology, especially in mobile PCs. "This has led In-Stat to forecast that nearly 80 million USB SuperSpeed-enabled devices will ship in 2011."

Intel will follow in short order in early 2012, however, with its Ivy Bridge chips, which also have built-in support for USB 3.0. This year, Intel, along with Apple, began supporting an alternative high-speed standard called Thunderbolt.

Down the road, mobile phones will also begin to sport USB 3.0 ports, too. "Mobile phones are a key driver for USB overall, and will play a role in the adoption of SuperSpeed USB," USB was found internally in over 1.2 billion mobile phones...The first SuperSpeed USB phones won't hit the market until late 2013, but they will be accompanied by a new SuperSpeed connector for phones that will succeed the current micro-USB port found in today's phones." Source
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China is the largest in the emerging market category and the second fastest-growing & largest in the emerging market category right after the U.S. But this time Dell decided to launch its highly anticipated 10-inch tablet in the Chinese market first, based on an emerging belief that the U.S. market isn't mature enough for a successful Android launch.

The Dell Streak 10 is Dell's third tablet product and its first 10-inch Android-based tablet. Some of the main specifications of the Android tablet are these, a thickness of 12 millimeters, a weight of about 700 grams, edge-to-edge glass, a 1280-by-800 screen, front and rear facing cameras (including a 5 megapixel camera), full 1080p video playback, an SD slot, and an Nvidia Tegra dual-core processor. The tablet can also be purchased with a dock that has multiple USB ports, a USB host mode that allows PC-like emulation capabilities, HDMI video, the ability to run separate Citrix sessions on external monitors, and an Ethernet port, among other features.

By the end of the this year, there will be 2,000 service centers where customers can bring Dell products, in addition to around 10,000 stores that sell Dell products in China. Instead of trying to swim upstream let's go someplace where the growth rates are much more interesting, the adoption rates are much faster, the consumer is much more became one of those aha moments to the myriad problems in the U.S. Android tablet market. The U.S. market simply doesn't offer a viable 10-inch tablet strategy for Dell.

Things like confusion over what exactly Android is bringing to the tablet, an immature platform and roll out of devices that weren't quite ready yet.
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Sony plans to replace its Alpha NEX-3 interchangeable-lens camera with the smaller, but not tremendously different, NEX-C3. And uses the same format APS-C image sensor as its predecessor, including multishot modes like Auto HDR, Handheld Twilight, and Sweep panorama, bumping resolution is from 14 megapixels to 16 megapixels. Sony says the new entry-level cam is designed to fill the gap between point-and-shoot and DSLR cameras, and is the smallest body to pack in offering DSLR-level image quality -- the same 16.2 MP chip is also included in its new full-size Alpha A35, which replaces the A33. Both cameras can shoot at up to 5.5 fps (the A35 adds a 7 fps mode at 8.4 megapixels), and include 3-inch LCDs, with the NEX keeping its hallmark tilt display, and the A35 adding Sony's Translucent Mirror live-view mode, and an electronic viewfinder.

Sony delayed shipping the C3 for a few months until it's ready to announce a replacement for that model. In line with Sony's goal of improving the user experience for beginners, the NEX-C3's Photo Creativity interface simplifies the process of adjusting advanced settings, to help grow the skills of those new to DSLR shooting. The NEX-C3 ships in late July or August, and will be offered with those familiar 18-55mm and 16mm kit lenses for $649 and $599, respectively. Bodies paired with the zoom will be available in black, pink, and silver, while the camera in the fixed-lens kit will only ship in black. The A35 will hit stores in August for $699 with an 18-55mm kit lens, or $599 for the body.

On the other hand, unless you really want the thinner body or 1080/60i video, there's no real reason to wait for it to ship either. Sony also announced a 30mm f3.5 E-mount macro lens that can focus down to just under an inch and a higher-powered, but still camera-powered, bounce-capable add-on flash than the one that ships with it (GN20 as opposed to GN7). The lens is scheduled to ship in October for $249.99 and the flash in August for $149.99.

We personally really liked the both cameras, looking for your feedback....
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LG will carry on offer slim, beautiful notebooks that raise the bar in transportable computing. The company has now introduced its P430 and P530 Blade series promise to increase users’ style factor with mind-bogging designs and sleek features. The sacrifice of construction materials as brushed aluminum is used to strengthen LG's new slimsters .The 15.6-inch P530 & 14-inch P430 LCD display screens, display thickness is 4.7mm and 4.5mm, respectively, Weight, at 1.94kg on the P430 and 2.2kg on P530 claim to be over 40 percent narrower than other notebooks. A Core i7 CPU and GeForce GT520M GPU will provide the inner firepower and the second-generation Intel Core i5 processor, correspondingly. Other attributes include 1.3 HD webcam, SRS and DLNA technology.

The P430 notebook will come out at the end of May while the P530 will follow later in markets across Europe, Middle East, South America and Asia.
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3G 4G Macbook Air
It appears that a splendor feature aimed at business travelers a decade ago, implanted 3G, and now 4G, have become ever more customary in PC laptops aimed to consumers. Apple's most recent MacBook update in the rear-view mirror, now's as excellent time as any to think about what could be headed to the next generation of the company's notebook lineup.

Apple has also griped the wireless technology in its iPad, having jumped it from the iPhone to the original iPad on AT&T's GSM network, then later, on Verizon's CDMA network with the iPad 2. So what's the holdup in bringing that same technology to Macs? Is Apple waiting for something?

Of particular interest is embedded mobile broadband, a notable omission to the Mac laptop range that's now stretched into a waiting game of its own. This is the technology that lets your computer tap into cellular networks and use broadband data while on the go, sans a dopey USB adapter or wireless puck.

At the moment is that the timing has been off on the network side of the equation: 3G as we know it is on the road to being replaced by 4G, which offers a big speed improvement. Speed becomes especially important on computers versus phones because of the things people tend to do on them, like download files and e-mail attachments and run multiple applications that can slurp up data at a faster clip than smartphone apps.

Providers have placed gamble on the competing parts of the range, creating a situation where there's no easy way to buy hardware that will work with them all though technology is the one way that can do that. But the carriers and service providers have not made it so easy to get to that promised land of fast, wireless data. 4G as it's been marketed in the States is not truly 4G by the strict definition. There are different flavors of that "4G," like WiMax, HSPA+, and Long Term Evolution (LTE).

4G-chip producer Beceem, which was acquired by Broadcom back in October, has a chip in development that does both WiMax and LTE. Apple uses Broadcom's wireless chips in the iPad as well as the iPhone, and for Wi-Fi on its Macs. A similar dual-mode chip initiative was put forth by Sequans at Mobile World Congress last month. Intel, which supplies chips for Apple's notebooks and desktops is also said to be working on a similar solution of its own. In the interim that leaves device makers like Apple, as well as consumers, having to pick a standard and stick to it.

To the company's credit, it has provided a product that gives its own laptops wireless 3G service, though it's nowhere as seamless as a built-in modem. Since iOS 3.0, users with iPhones and a carrier data plan that supports tethering, can share their phone's connection with their computer over a USB connection or Bluetooth. In the Verizon version of the iPhone 4, Apple introduced a slightly more elegant feature that would let users turn the phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot, something that was later brought to GSM iPhone users in iOS 4.3.
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Bill Hammack teach us “how the diffuser panels work together to work LCD displays.” Bill Hammack explains how LCD display uses liquid crystals, thin film transistors and polarizer’s to display information to either block or allow light passage. These are made of numerous layers and, we never knew quite what they were doing to with retrieved LCD screens. Well, look additional in this video.

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BMW 5 Series New Energy Vehicle
Having experienced a great deal of success in the past few years on the Chinese market and this time the Chinese will get their very own ActiveHybrid BMW in next month at Shanghai Motor Show when BMW access the 2011 5 Series New Energy Vehicle.

At automaker’s Annual Accounts Press Conference held in Munich, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer added that the new addition will “benefit from the strength and the excellent reputation of the BMW brand”. The timing and features with the BMW 5-Series ActiveHybrid, the powertrain on the new NEV should not vary much from a turbocharged in-line six-cylinder 3.0 L gasoline churning out 300 hp and a 50 hp electric motor. Reithofer also talked about releasing the production version of the MINI Coupe, which was launched at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show and a second-generation BMW 1-Series.

After having experienced a great deal of success in the past few years on the Chinese market, German auto maker BMW is planning to further support its position there and announced this week a very exciting premiere for next month's Shanghai Motor Show.

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Samsung 3D VOD Service
Samsung is apparently an early adopter of this technology. Great news for Samsung 3DTV owners with nothing to watch on their TVs. If you are one of those customers left in the list, Samsung seems to have considered your complaint. The company has officially rolled out 3D video-on-demand streaming service to these televisions.

Samsung announced a partnership with DreamWorks that would see "a new streaming 3D Video-On-Demand (VOD) service that would make DreamWorks Animation content - trailers and promotions in both 3D and 2D- available for streaming via the 3D application for Samsung Smart TVs in 2011. The machine-translated, but it looks like movie trailers, music videos and children's education films will start things off, before full-length features and more are added later on.

Korea has given the official doze to Samsung to bring in 3D service. The US and Europe will immediately follow Korea that means you need to be ready for some amazing 3D content from Samsung coming your way out in other parts of the world too... We are yet to get pricing details at the moment, but there is a chance that the launch dates and prices will be announced any time soon.

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Web OS
HP blocked its recent "Think Beyond" event with a extraordinary announcement that webOS would be coming to PCs. How, accurately, the company considered on doing that has been a mystery. The Seattle Times just interviewed HP's CTO, Phil McKinney, who helped put to rest some premature speculation that HP would be dumping Microsoft Windows in favor of webOS while adding some clarity to its webOS on the whole thing plan. According to Phil, people still want an OS appropriate to PCs, tablets, and smartphones with webOS pulling it all together by "taking the existing operating systems and bringing WebOS onto those platforms and making it universal across all of our footprint." That doesn't signify that webOS will run as a virtualized instance within Windows. Phil says, "it's not virtualization. It's an integrated WebOS experience we're looking to bring." He then adds, "We're working with Microsoft on the future of Windows and we're very optimistic on what that future is, but what we think is we can bring an enhancement to that." The goal is to create a large device footprint that makes webOS a very good-looking platform to developers -- "you can build up your WebOS app that'll run on your phone, your slate and your PC," according to McKinney. Hmm, apparently HP didn't get the Elopcalypse memo about the "three-horse race" that considers HP's and RIM's ecosystems irrelevant. Source
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Hello guys, hope you're well. Last month, I've posted wallpapers of "sexy gadgets girls". Now, I'm going to impress you guys with hot and sexy car racing models. Find below mentioned fresh and sensual images and Youtube videos:

danica patrick car racing girl

hot girl with racing car

sexy korean car racing chic

YouTube Videos:

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I know, it's long time, I didn't post any cool or hot news but now, I'm back again with the hottest stuff. Yeah, check out the cool and sexy gadgets with hot girls. Let me know if you want to add any other hottest wallpaper in this album.
sexy gadget girl

hot gadget girl

htc sexy gadget girl

lappy babes

laptop gadget girl

lusty gadget girl

booth babe

booth babes

cool gadget girl

hd gadget girl

hot gadget girl
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apple iphone fee

Apple planning an expansive conclusion to its restocking fees at retail that would stimulate its Verizon iPhone,on January 11. The company would permanently waive the 10% penalty for anyone returning a device in the usual two-week grace period, starting January 11, the same day as the special event.

However the cancellation of restocking fees will be useful if you wish you’d ordered an upgraded version of an Apple product. 9to5Mac also notes the date of January 11 being the same date as the Verizon event and also this means there will be more of an Apple presence at the event than previously thought. We’ll have to see how Apple deals with people trying to return their scratched up iPods and what the policy with iPhones will be. The 14 day return period still applies but for example if you purchase a 16 GB iPad and use it for 3 days, then want to upgrade to the 32 GB model, you won’t need to pay an additional 10% restocking fee.

After all we know that some readers who’d waited patiently for a Verizon iPhone eventually lost hope and plumped for the AT&T iPhone. Whatever the reason it’s good news for Apple consumers as it covers all Apple products. Then again, Apple could merely be following Best Buy's lead, with the 1.11.11 date pure coincidence. Either way, we're fans of open return policies for expensive products, so if you ask us, it's more of a good thing.
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BlackBerry PlayBook available for a quick hands-on. The announcement came during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where a slew of tablets are being unveiled. This lot includes the much-hyped Motorola Xoom, a tablet to be sold by Verizon Wireless, which will use a version of Google's Android operating system designed with tablets in mind

The PlayBook is RIM's upcoming rival to tablets such as the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It has a 7-inch touchscreen, the 9.7-inch PlayBook was in the works, but has been vague on details about price and availability.

It felt sturdy and robust, but not too heavy. It's slim too, and we reckon it'll fit in a pocket, or certainly a satchel or handbag without too much complaint. There's a mini-HDMI port to output video to your TV, and both rear- and front-facing cameras (5 and 3 megapixels respectively).

With Wi-Fi and Flash support too, the PlayBook is looking mighty promising. Our trusty American cousins at have been informed that the PlayBook will come in 16, 32 and 64GB versions, will be released in the first quarter of 2011 and will be priced "competitively", to mean that it'll cost about the same as the iPad.

What do you think of the design? Does the PlayBook look how you expected it to, and do you think you'll be buying one?
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Street Fighter's recreated many of characters at WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 & game has wonderful detail of players. Plus, "Jimmy went the extra mile and gave each of the fighters correct wrestling moves."

Because of how good quality these characters look, it's somewhat strange to see them with such real like animation. Instead of sacking off chi and attacking each other with hundred-hand slaps, they're shown attractive in various behaviors associated with the members of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Jimmy might be one of their weirdest and coolest usages yet. He's recreated many of Street Fighter's characters in the wrestling game, and it's quite a sight to see the iconic figures act like Macho Man Randy Savage. All told, he created more than 20 Street Fighter characters using the SvR 2011 character creator, and they're just about perfect. I never thought I'd seen Akuma and Gouken or Ryu and Sagat hash out their differences in the wrestling ring, but that's exactly what's happening here.
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