VerizonVerizon Wireless is changing the old kitchen home phone system by releasing the Verizon Hub on 1st February. Publicizing as an innovative home phone system, the Verizon Hub is a home phone system that connects to a broadband connection that allows families to use it as a home phone or an Internet communication system.

The Verizon Hub gives you the following new features:
  • Daily local traffic and weather conditions
  • Turn-by-turn navigational directions
  • Telephone numbers of establishments
  • Movie previews and movie ticketing service
You can get this information through the Verizon Hub’s touchscreen interface. Obviously, you get the usual calling features of a home phone system with voicemail, contact list management, & text messaging alerts. The Verizon Hub connects to broadband through Verizon FiOS or DSL or even other high-speed ISPs in the U.S.

The exciting feature is that it’ll enable you to access information & its other functionality even if you are away from the Hub itself. It actually offers some sort of “synchronization”, which allows you to update your home’s Verizon Hub wirelessly from the Verizon Hub website and your updates will be reflected on your Verizon Hub home account. In addition, the Verizon Hub will also allow you to connect your other Verizon devices to the Hub & gives you access to other popular Verizon Wireless services including VZ NavigatorSM, Chaperone, and V CAST contents.

So welcome the new hub…..
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Mac LogoYesterday was Apple's Mac 25th birthday. The original Macintosh was released back on January 24th, 1984.

The first Macintosh usually called the Macintosh 128k, was an inauspicious beginning for one of the most exciting companies in the industry. It was expensive & underpowered for the time, and its novel mouse-driven interface was unpopular with techies. But the Mac is a survivor, developing and changing through the years, taking the first dip into the water of portability & later making waves with innovative design and remarkable success.

Mac has inarguably helped the industry as a whole even if you and I am not a Mac user. Personal computing wouldn't be where it is without it. So come with me and wish Mac belated Happy Bisthday!

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