Street fighter balrog sagat sfiv charactersCapcom has a brand spanking new version of Street Fighter IV's arcade cabinet on test in Tokyo, one that confirms the return of Street Fighter's Sagat and Street Fighter II's Balrog.

Shaky-cam videos of both new characters are up on YouTube, with Capcom's official blog confirming that three new stages have also been added to the latest SF IV build.

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use unix command in windowsIf you're already using the Unix-like Cygwin, it's an easy hack to embed Cygwin's commands into your standard Windows comand prompt, if not, it might be worth checking out the free download.

These instructions are for Windows Vista, but fairly similar to the process in Windows XP (check out an XP-specific environment variable tutorial for more clarification.) The steps:
  • Find out where your Cygwin installation is on your hard drive and copy the path to its \bin subfolder (usually C:\Cygwin\bin).
  • Open the Control Panel, hit "System and Maintenance," then "System," then "Advanced System Settings" on the left.
  • Click the "Environment Variables" button at the bottom of the new window.
  • Scroll through the "System Variables" list at the bottom of this window until you find the line for "Path," then select it and hit "Edit."
  • Add a semi-colon to the end of the "Variable Value" line (if it's not there), then add the path to Cygwin's bin directory. Hit OK on this and any windows opened along the way.
I hope, now you've got better directory listing capabilities with "ls," can SSH into a remote server right from the Windows prompt, and (if you're a dual-booter or Unix/Linux enthusiast) avoid all those annoying confusions with Windows commands.
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Data cardThe FM's budget speech has just concluded though as of the time of posting this article the speech has not yet been made available at

Mr. Chidambaram mentioned "Wireless Data Cards" in the list of products on which Excise Duty has been slashed from 16% to nil. That's great news considering all the telecom operators who offer such products import them from the likes of Huawei, Sierra Wireless etc. The catch though is that we hope the term "Wireless Data Cards" includes the new USB dongles as well since data "cards" as such have become defunct as laptop makers have phased out the PCIMCIA slot into which these cards were inserted.

Assuming that the entire duty cut benefit is passed on to consumers, a USB data dongle which typically costs around Rs. 3,000 will be cheaper by nearly Rs. 500. We contacted the major telecom players and we'll update you with their reactions on this matter.

UPDATE 1: The budget speech is now available Here is the relevant part:

146. There are a number of products which are goods of mass consumption. There is also the need to have tax parity on similar goods. Taking into account requests from a number of industries, I propose to reduce the excise duty from 16 per cent to nil on a few items including composting machines, wireless data cards, packaged coconut water, tea and coffee mixes, and puffed rice.

UPDATE 2: EXCLUSIVE: Spokespersons for both Airtel and Tata Indicom have confirmed that they will pass on the ENTIRE benefit to consumers.

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MS XP vs MS Vista SP1 Windows XP is faster than the new Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) in completing common consumer and business tasks on PCs coming out of sleep mode, but the differences are slight.

The performance tests, conducted by Principled Technologies Inc. on Microsoft's behalf, showed that the older XP operating system remained faster than Vista SP1 in 61% of the operations grouped in a consumer test suite, and faster than Vista SP1 in 46% of the operations in the business-oriented head-to-head.

The results were from time trials held on identical PCs after they'd come out of standby, a power-saving feature in Windows. Vista, like other operating systems, including Apple Inc.'s Mac OS X, calls the same mode "sleep."

However, when the same tests were run after a cold boot -- with the PC's power turned on, the OS booted and the scripts run after two minutes -- Vista SP1 came out on top in 74% of the tested consumer functions, and 66% of the business operations.

Differences Were Small
But no matter which operating system came out on top, the differences were small in virtually every case, said Principled Technologies. The total difference between XP and Vista SP1 in the 31 consumer tasks, for instance, was less than 5 seconds; of the 64 chores in the business scenario, 60 sported a difference of under half a second.

"Overall, Windows Vista SP1 and Windows XP performed comparably on most test operations," Principled Technologies concluded in its report.

The tests were run on four systems -- two notebooks, two desktops -- from Dell Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co. and Toshiba Corp.

A fifth system, another HP desktop, was omitted from the aggregate results because it, "produced unacceptably high variability in its test results," according to Principled. Interestingly, that system showed XP was faster than Vista SP1 in more chores than any of the other test machines. In the consumer test set, for example, XP was faster than Vista SP1 in 74% of the operations immediately after a reboot of the discarded HP.

Windows XP performed much poorer on the dropped HP in the business tests; it was faster than Vista SP1 only 31% of the time, lower than the average of the other four PCs. But when it came out of standby, XP beat Vista SP1 in 53% of the business-oriented jobs, a higher percentage than the other machines.

That, among other things, touched some nerves. Several users commenting on Microsoft's official Vista blog -- where mention was made of the tests -- took exception to Principled's conclusion that Vista SP1 and XP produced comparable results.

"Hard to believe when every other review site on the planet shows pretty much hands down [Vista] is slower on similar hardware," said a user identified as Ceinach. "I didn't even think this was a point of argument anymore. This statement is fairly stunning.... It's like Microsoft is claiming the earth is still flat."

Computerworld's own tests, for instance, showed that file copying -- a function Microsoft has said it spent considerable effort improving in SP1 -- remained much slower on Vista than on Windows XP.

SP1 Doesn't Give Much of a Boost
Principled Technologies also put Vista SP1 up against the pre-service pack version of the operating system. When armed with SP1, PCs finished 87% of the consumer chores faster than plain Vista, and wrapped up more of the business operations faster as well. But the speed improvements were meager, said Principled. Most of the business tests were completed just fractions of a second faster by Vista SP1 than by Vista.

"Overall, Windows Vista SP1 was more responsive than Windows Vista on most comparisons," the report stated. "Performance differences between the two operating systems were typically less than a quarter second."
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Creepy icub baby robotThe iCub robot was already doing pretty well for itself in the creepiness department, but a group of researchers from the University of Plymouth are now working to take things one big step further, by teaching the so-called "baby robot" to talk (as opposed to teaching it baby talk).

That will supposedly be done over the next four years, during which time the researchers will work with language development specialists who normally study how parents teach children to speak. Eventually, they hope that the robot will be able to perform basic tasks like stacking wooden blocks, and be able name objects and actions so that it can speak basic phrases like "robot puts stick on cube" or "I want more life, father." What's more, while the research hasn't even begun yet, one of the professors involved sees it as nothing short of a milestone, saying that "the outcome of the research will define the scientific and technological requirements for the design of humanoid robots able to develop complex behavioural, thinking and communication skills through individual and social learning.

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White PS3 Over the past week or so, we've been hearing reports from retailers across the US that the current 40GB PS3/Spider-Man 3 deal was about to wind up. They'd stopped receiving them, and had instead been told to expect new 40GB units without a movie. Seemed odd.

Might be a very good reason, though: we've since heard from Circuit City employees that they've begun receiving shipments of these "new" PlayStation 3s. On the shipping box? The model number CECHH01. Which the more observant amongst you will recognise as the model # for the White PlayStation 3. Seems these will be held in stock until the current Spider-Man 3 bundles are gone, and will then be offered for the standard price of $399.

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Miss playboy mobile 2008Playboy Mobile is on the hunt for a lady. It's on the hunt for a lady who it can thrust $5,000 at, photograph at the Playboy Mansion and then call Miss Playboy Mobile 2008.

Competitors must have a suitcase full of lingerie a couple of sizes too small be over 18, and the winner will be voted for by the general red-blooded public. The lucky lady will be crowned at the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at Vegas' Palms Casino on April 2.

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iPhone imageLooks like the iPhone is launching in Ireland with O2 on March 14th, according to Pocket-lint. It's supposed to go for the low, low price of €399 (including VAT) on the 8GB and €499 for the 16GB; we haven't heard anything solid either way, but we'll let you know if we do....

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Road rash returns demoElectronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello has been dropping some none-too-subtle hints that the company is interested in another Road Rash. He name-checked the bloody motorcycle racing classic at DICE during his talk and recently in a GameDaily interview in an attempt to, we assume, get gamers misty-eyed with nostalgia for the franchise.

He let slip in a recent interview with the Classic Metal Show that he had just recently licensed one of his tracks to the game. Well, he comes close enough for us to get a bit excited, saying of the tune "You Don't Understand" from his recent album "It's a super heavy song. That just got picked up for some video game, Road Rage or Road Rash, or something like that." Obviously, Bach is not a die hard gamer.

It wouldn't be the first time an aging musical outfit had peeped when they maybe shouldn't have. Queens of the Stone Age and Aerosmith both pre-announced some news last year about Rock Band and a pair of Guitar Hero games. We're just guessing that Bach doesn't know that publishers like to keep these things under wraps until the very last second.

We've contacted sources at EA for clarification on the rumor, but they have yet to get back to us.

Thanks for the heads up, Dave.

Update: EA got back to us with the following statement: "Though CEO John Riccitiello has recently mentioned it as a classic, beloved EA franchise, Road Rash is not currently in development." Is Sebastian Bach just confused or a dirty, dirty liar?

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Number 1. Apple PowerBook Laptop was miraculously engineered. Mega wide display - the largest ever in a notebook -, brilliant screen, 100 GB hard drive, built-in Bluetooth - these are the features of this laptop.
Apple PowerBook LaptopThen, Apple is a very reliable brand. Don't care about its size and weight; it's not a problem to carry the laptop with you. With its help you can do everything you need: have fun, distract and, of course, work. You will be definitely pleased with it - your laptop will guess beforehand your desires. Great gadget, extraordinary features - you will love it.

Number 2. HP Pavilion DV6745US 15.4" Entertainment Laptop is an entertainment-centric notebook with 15.4-inch LCD widescreen. It has stylish high-gloss finish with wave imprint, so it looks outstanding and gorgeous. This laptop has all the features you need.
HP Pavilion DV6745US 15.4 LaptopActually, it was designed for entertainment. For example, it guarantees you fast access to your entire entertainment library. Then, you will also find a lot of functions and built-in devices that will make your work on the laptop really pleasant and productive.

Number 3. Toshiba Satellite A215-S5802 15.4" Laptop takes the third place. This is a nice qualitative notebook. It is perfect both for work and games. It has a gorgeous, wide, bright and clear screen. 120 GB of internal memory allow you to keep all the necessary information there.
Toshiba Satellite A215 S5802 15.4 LaptopThanks to newest TruBrite technology you will be impressed with the vividness of the images. This laptop is more solid that the previous, it also has a lot of nice features that will help you either to work on it or enjoy yourself.

Number 4. Bratz Cyber Style Laptop will be your daughter's most desirable gadget. It looks really cute and attractive. It is perfect for a girl: starting with its design and continuing with its features.
Bratz cyber syle laptopThe biggest advantage of the laptop is that your girl enjoys herself and learns at the same time. 11 game categories including spelling, grammar, vocabulary, math, mind benders, study break games, art, science, geography, music, Spanish, writing, and touch typing will help her to develop her mind and succeed at school.

75 different games will help her to distract and have fun. You will be able to open new features every time you turn the laptop on.

Number 5. I think we'd better start with the Darth Vader Learning Laptop. This will be an outstanding educational toy for your kids. This is an exclusive gadget for children at ages 4 and up.

The laptop has 80 different games that will help your child to develop. The good point is that this device doesn't include any cruel games. Games are aimed at hand-eye coordination, music, memory, reading, typing, logic and math.
Darth Vader Learning LaptopI think this must be the best set of games for a child. Laptop features a QWERTY keyboard and a large, easy-to-read LCD screen with backlight. But please, don't expect extraordinary quality of the screen.

This is not a professional laptop for work. The laptop seems to be reliable and well-built. So, this gadget can become your child's first personal laptop.

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Street fighter iv may expanded for console ports Street Fighter IV were to be ported to home console. If, in the odd chance that Capcom were to approve such a product, which they officially haven't yet, it could arrive with a stable of new fighters not seen in the arcade release. That's one nearly unbelievable future for Street Fighter IV, says the game's producer Yoshinori Ono in a new Wired Game|Life interview.

Ono tells Chris "Chun-Li Lighting Leg Spam" Kohler that SFIV home ports could see appearances from Sakura from Street Fighter Alpha or Ibuki from Street Fighter III, for example, and that the team is listening to fan requests with regard to the character roster.

According to the piece, sounds like Ono is taking the perception that Street Fighter III was limited to an "exclusive club" of fighting fans seriously.

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Madonna picsIn addition to revealing that Justin Timberlake would present her to the public at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Madonna let slip the title of her forthcoming album, which comes out on April 29: It's going to be called Hard Candy, just like that nail polish line and that old Ellen Page movie, and it'll also have a track called "Candy Store."

According to Madonna's long-suffering publicist Liz Rosenberg, Madge "loves candy ... [The title is] about the juxtaposition of tough and sweetness, or as Madonna so eloquently expressed 'I'm gonna kick your ass, but it's going to make you feel good.'" That's the type of personal-trainer-derived talk that almost makes you pine for the days of Licorice! Maybe Madonna figures that she's being transgressive in this lollipop-girl era by admitting that she actually eats junk food in her new album's title?

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Superman eyeballs strongerSuperman used to be just strong and sort of invulnerable, but now his powers are officially out of control. According to Superman II, he can erase your mind just by kissing you, not to mention his super-breath, super-hearing and super-ventriloquism. But Superman's out-of-control power really started with his super-peepers, which have a whole arsenal of eye-related powers. Check out our list of Superman's overcharged eyeball abilities.

It's no secret that Superman was so overpowered in the comic books that he used to move planets around, was extremely super-smart, traveled through time (without flying around the Earth backwards) on a regular basis, and had powers ranging from super-smell to super-mimicry. He outmatched nearly everyone in the universe, except God, so they had to retcon his ass a few times.

Superman eyeballs stronger viewChief among Superman's powers was his vision, which started out of just the ability to see things fairly sharply, but over the years he must have had laser-eye surgery, because things got a whole lot better for him:
  • Probably the most-wanted usage of Supey's eyes was his 'x-ray' vision. What teenage boy (and possibly some girls) wouldn't have wanted to see through clothes? You could even order x-ray spex (that sadly did not work) from the back of comic books. He couldn't see through lead, and according to Kingdom Come he couldn't give you cancer either. No 'melanoma vision' for our hero.
  • His 'heat vision' (which was originally a by-product of the x-ray vision) is portrayed as either lasers shooting from his eyes, fiery optic blasts, or the literal balls of fire which they seem fond of on Smallville. The comics later explain that he's able to shoot his stored-up solar energy out through his eyes.
  • His 'telescopic vision' grew over the comics to eventually let him see not just distant planets, but what was happening on those planets. We wonder if he could flip that vision around so things just appeared very, very tiny.
  • Superman used his 'microscopic vision' on many occasions in the 1970s, analyzing fingerprints, checking out atomic structures, electrons, and protons. In fact, he could have made a fortune alone just by checking houses for fleas.
  • Superman could also see into the electromagnetic spectrum, which allowed him to do dorky things like follow broadcast signals back to their origins. You know, for when crooks go on TV to brag about their plans.
  • Supey also sported 'radar vision,' which was apparently just low-powered infravision, allowing him to see in the dark.
  • He could also combine these vision powers, like using x-ray vision and telescopic vision at the same time, so he could see those distant planets without an asteroid blocking his view.
  • Ultra Boy from The Legion of Super-Heroes had abilities similar to Superman's, although his 'penetra-vision' could see through everything, including lead, and his 'flash-vision' burns twice as hot as Superman's heat vision. Oh, and it's blue.
  • Speaking of blue vision, Superman developed a new 'electrical vision' power in Grant Morrison's All-Star Superman as an homage to the electric blue Superman from the 90s. Why you'd want to send a shout-out to that particular version of Superman, we'll never know.
  • When Superman "died" and his "Superboy" clone appeared, he didn't have any vision powers. However, he later was given a pair of goggles that simulated most of Superman's vision abilities. Why doesn't Superman just give a pair of those to every cop on the planet?
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Nintendo and dollar gameNintendo couldn't have been more obtuse in its announcement last week at GDC, but from the looks of it you won't be enjoying that totally free Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection play forever.

Nintendo is busting out a new Pay & Play service for certain games, which seems to refer to both downloadable content for some titles, and online multiplayer for others. It's really hard to tell, but it doesn't sound like Nintendo has any intention of going the Xbox Live route. There will be red stickers on games with Pay & Play features so you can spot them in the store, and if you do end up paying for online multiplayer, it looks like it'll be on a per-title basis.

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Macbook battery life comparisonsWe've been trying to understand the new Apple Macbook Pro battery life ratings compared to the old models. It's been hard to quantify generational differences because Apple is now testing using a more challenging battery benchmark, while improving the efficiency of the new machines via Penryn chips and LED backlights.

We just got comparative numbers between the previous and current generation notebooks from Apple. They read as follows:
Macbooks and Macbook Pros have 30-45 minutes more life than the previous generation using the same Wireless Web test. With LED backlighting, the numbers jump to an hour. Note that the 17-inch notebook is not standard with an LED backlit LCD, so those are not the estimates given. Lastly, while Apple's test is harder than it used to be, as we saw in the Air, the battery life you or I will get on these machines will likely be even less. (The battery claims in the previous generations were much higher because the old test was basically typing on a text editor with Wi-Fi off, which obviously inflated previous battery life estimates beyond reason.)
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Never heard of Abilene Christian University? We're guessing a wide majority of the general public hasn't either, but the institution is definitely getting its name out there by promising each incoming freshman this fall an iPhone or iPod touch.

Granted, these aren't being explicitly marked as "free," but similar to Duke's efforts in years past, ACU plans on using these devices for educational enrichment. Reportedly, the handhelds will enable students to "receive homework alerts, answer in-class surveys and quizzes, get directions to their professors' offices, and check their meal and account balances" -- and that's just for starters.

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More macbook versionsWe've always heard that Apple deliberately sends out misinformation to distract the rumor sites, and it looks like that may actually be true -- check out these shots of the Future Shop inventory system, listing the upcoming MB402LL/A and MB403LL/A SKUs from Apple as being priced at CA$1149 and CA$1349, respectively. That's MacBook pricing, if we had to make a guess -- but remember that earlier Best Buy shot that showed a box size of 17 inches square, which is way bigger than any non-Pro MacBook.

So, to recap: there are definitely new Apple laptops coming soon, but we have almost no idea what kind -- based on product cycles, we'd say it's the MacBook Pro, but signs point to the MacBook as well.

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Stage6 downloaded videos snapshotYou may only be vaguely aware of DivX's Stage 6 video site (which probably explains why it wasn't successful) but it's going to be shut down entirely at the end of February. Stage 6 was DivX's YouTube-like video site meant to provide a bunch of streamable content for living room and mobile DivX players. The fact that it's being canned speaks to how successful the effort was. Most of you won't miss it, but we'll have a special place in our hearts for the handful of nudie clips we found on it that one time.

Update: A reader points out that DivX was saying Stage 6 is successful, but consumed too much of their attention and resources, so the only options they had were to spin it off, sell it, or shut it down. We're not one to argue about varying levels of being "successful", but if it really were as "successful" in terms of being "profitable", we're not sure why DivX couldn't hire some more employees to man the site. Having a dedicated site to provide content in the correct format would have been a good asset to have as the DivX "platform" is growing.

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Dead rising-2 snapshotRemember that rumor from EGM that pointed to a Dead Rising sequel coming from a Western developer? We heard a similar but slightly different rumor from a source that also says development duties are being shifted stateside, specifically at Vancouver-area third-party Blue Castle Games. If you're not familiar with the name, you may remember Blue Castle from its work on The Bigs for 2K Sports. While the relatively young, 100-person strong development studio is known for its multi-platform sports work, it is currently listing an unnamed "action game" for the Xbox 360 as one of three secret projects on its plate.

Recently added videos on the Blue Castle web site feature interviews with team employees who call one of their upcoming games "probably the most sought after projects in Vancouver" amid bleeps that might give some indication about what they're working on. Another interview with the art staff talks of working on "far more interesting things than stadium artwork" including "city streets, weapons and vehicles." While that in no way comes close to confirming that they're working on Dead Rising 2 for Capcom, the chatter we heard at last week's GDC makes it sound like the rumor has some basis in truth.

It wouldn't come as much of a surprise, as Capcom has shown that projects managed by its Japanese HQ and farmed out to Western talent is something the publisher is actively pursuing. Capcom has moved development on Bionic Commando, Dark Void and Okami for Wii to external teams, something it seems happy to continue doing.

When we contacted Capcom about Blue Castle's involvement, they opted to neither confirm nor deny the rumor. Likewise, our e-mails to Blue Castle went unanswered, so consider this rumor for now.

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Gmail as googlemailThe Digital Inspiration blog points out a Gmail trick that's been just under the surface all along. Everyone who has an "" address can also receive mail sent to ""

The big deal is, knowing this gives you a stronger hand when you fight against spam, bacn, and all that other not-so-important but distracting email. Try giving out one or the other addresses to important, close contacts, while using the other for all the other stuff. You people can share your thoughts here....

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Snapshot of zune survey video downloadsApparently, video is all the rage these days. Just ask the folks who received a survey from Microsoft about services which may or may not be coming to the Zune.

It's possible your heart might skip a beat when you read questions like, "I would rather download a movies from an online service than buy a DVD," or, "My friends and I regularly send each other links to online videos." Though the question, "I'm willing to carry a larger MP3 player if it improves the quality of the display," could just be suggesting a new Zune-XXXL is on the way. Regardless of what it you take away from these cryptic messages.

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B2 oceanA B-2 Bomber, probably the coolest aircraft ever created after the Lockheed A-12, has crashed for the first time ever. Its name was the Spirit of Kansas and it was one of the 21 $1.2 billion Northrop Grumman stealth plane ever manufactured. It fell to the ground right after take-off for "unknown reasons" at the Andersen Air Force Base in Guam. Both pilots ejected to safety and video footage of the aftermath shows a big mess on the ground:

The B-2 Spirit follows the same ideas pioneered by John Knudsen Northrop, who founded Northrop to pursue his flying wing designs, and the Nazi Horten Ho-IX, one of the most advanced planes at its time, designed by the Horten brothers.

The Ho-IX, also called Gotha Go 229 or Ho 229, took of for the first time in 1944 and was the only plane to meet Luftwaffe's chief, frustrated transvestite and absolute nutter Hermann Göring 1000-1000-1000 performance standards: the Horten was capable of transporting 1,000 kilograms of bombs (2,200 lb) over 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) at 1,000 kilometers an hour.

Fortunately, it never reached production and most airframes were destroyed by US forces to avoid the Soviets getting their paws all over them. The U.S. VIII Corps of General Patton's Third Army captured one, however, and its low-drag, no-unnecessary surfaces live now in the B-2.

Horten Ho-IX

B2 imageNorthrop Early Flying Wings

B2 picsUnlike the experimental Horten and the flying wing designs that Northrop designed in the 40s (like 1948's Northrop YB-49, a jet-based variation of the 1946's YB-35 strategic bomber) the Spirit became fully operational.

The B-2 bombers are amazingly efficient: like its 20 sister vessels still in service, the Air Vehicle-12 Spirit of Kansas was capable of delivering both conventional and nuclear bombs to any target around the world in a few hours, with just one refueling. Powered by four General Electric F118-GE-100 turbofans capable of 17,300 pounds of thrust each, the aircraft can reach 410 knots (470mph) at a maximum altitude of 50,000 feet.

Another advantage of its simple design —coupled with its radar-absorbing coating, called Alternate High-Frequency Material—is that their radar profile is extremely low. Coupled with its operational altitude, this make them extremely hard to detect and shot down. That's the reason why this crash, which no known reasons yet, is so exceptional. That and the effect of watching $1.2 billion dollars disappearing in an crater in a concrete runway.

B2 Spirit
B2 snapAccording to the Air Force, an investigation is currently under way about why the Spirit of Kansas went to Oz at Guam. But don't worry, taxpayers, I'm sure you will get a cool 3D simulation of how it all happened from the Wizard in Chief, General Dorothy and Commander Toto, at the Pentagon.

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LaptopWith the increasing amount of online services available for your perusal, many workers are going mobile more and more—or they're at least taking the opportunity to travel while not feeling too detached from work life.

The Computerworld Blog suggests Lifehacker favorites to create your mobile office, including Flickr for photo storage, Skype for phone calls, Zoho for office software, and I Want Sandy as your to do list. What are the others tools for you, let us know....

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According to Microsoft's Gamerscore blog, Microsoft and Toshiba are discontinuing the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive.

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Firefox 500 millions downloadsFirefox has just hit 500 million downloads worldwide, it is an impressive statistic and we think everyone who works on the project should get a pat on the back. As if their contribution in creating a kick-ass browser was not enough to the world, the Mozilla team is celebrating by raising funds for 500 million grains of rice, which they will give away to poverty stricken nations.

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