PS3 Xbox 360 trailor- Race driver gridRace Drive: Grid for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 "takes players on a tour like never before; to beautifully realised racing locations through Europe, the U.S., Japan and beyond."

The game will feature the most extensive range of events in the series, combining official circuit-based championships with road races and urban street competitions.

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iPhone 2.0Market research firm Gartner on Wednesday changed its stance against using the iPhone in an enterprise situation, due to the iPhone's upcoming software upgrade, which will see broader support for security and enterprise email.

Gartner was among the firms that expressed concerns about the iPhone's use in the enterprise when it was first released. Marketed mainly as a consumer device, the iPhone's cool factor drew admirers from all walks of life, which led many company's to be concerned about it's use.

"In its initial release, the iPhone was, with few exceptions, an Internet tablet with browser-based applications as its main offering, however, the release of firmware 2.0 changes that, enabling enterprises to develop local code and create applications that do not depend on network capabilities," said Ken Dulaney, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. "The iPhone will thus match up initially in several segments against its main smartphone competitors -- BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian Series 60."

What's in "iPhone 2.0?"
iPhone software 2.0 will see many enterprise-level improvements, including "push-based" e-mail, calendar info and contact management; additional support for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) including Cisco IPsec; and two-factor authentication, certificates and identities. Apple also sees "enterprise-class" Wi-Fi with WPA2/802.1x support and tools to enforce security policies as critical. IT managers will also be able to deploy iPhones, set them up automatically, and, perhaps most importantly, wipe the devices when necessary.

"By licensing Exchange ActiveSync and exposing its basic security policies, enterprises can provide sufficient security for iPhone during Exchange personal information manager (PIM) and e-mail use," said Dulaney. "This will open up a huge market for the iPhone, which previously had been stymied by a lack of basic business security and application functionality. However, Apple must widen distribution and of course deliver what they have promised."

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Here are the 5 household items that will help you "Get Off" easy in daily routine. Check out one by one:-

ToothbrushElectric Toothbrush The first time I ever turned on my electric toothbrush I had an almost Pavlovian response to that familiar buzzing sound, and my vagina began to drool, but I'd never bothered to try it out... until the other day. I removed the bristle head, and placed the vibrating metal stem onto my outer lips (I was too scared to put it right on my clit, since it looked like it could be a little sharp). The problem with this is that without the head on the toothbrush, the stem is way too thin to really do anything substantial. Of course, some sex toy shops sell attachments designed specifically for such an occasion, but not all of us have the foresight to do something like that. Necessity is the mother of invention, so I grabbed some toilet paper and rapped it around the stem to form sufficient padding, and that did the trick. Sure it didn't hold a candle to my Magic Wand, but it lit me up anyway.

CellphoneCell Phone Okay, so I've actually tried using my phone on vibrate to get off many a (drunken) time before, but it was always an exercise in futility. However, for those of you who have an iPhone, you may have heard about iBrate, an application you can download that can actually turn your iPhone into a vibrator. It's still sort of a lame substitute, since the vibe is a little to soft and steady for my liking (i can haz pulsing, pleeeze?), but at least it can get you to a certain level of excitement and then your hands and arms can come in and finish you off.

Neutrogena WaveNeutrogena Wave When I first saw the commercial for the Neutrogena Wave -- a "power cleanser" for your face -- I was like, "That's a straight-up vibrator." Unfortunately, I didn't have one of these bad boys while on vacation, but I obtained one since, and have been testing it out today, and dude, it's a straight-up vibrator. It's just as good as any silver bullet vibe, but it's quieter. Also, on the box, it says "penetrates deeper." Heh heh.

Bath Tub FaucetBath Tub Faucet Everyone is always going on about detatchable shower heads, and they're great and all, but they're the sort of luxury item for people who frequent Brookstone or Restoration Hardware. I'm all about the bathtub faucet, because it has a powerful gush of water, and the crappier your apartment, the more unsteady (thus exciting!), the flow can be. I actually picked this up at a really young age because I heard it being talked about on Married With Children.

Washing MachineWashing Machine It's a little clich├ęd, but honestly, an unbalanced washing machine on the spin cycle is just about the best ride you can take on a hunk of metal that doesn't have wheels. If you really want it to be fun, throw some sneakers in there, or place a large load of heavy towels or maybe some pillows in, but only on one side.

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Download music with Apple iTuneThe Financial Times has a piece claiming that Apple has been in deep talks with music companies about an all you can eat music download service. The piece speaks with authority, citing that while Nokia pays the labels $80 per handset for such a service, split according to marketshare, Apple has only offered $20. Hence the delay.

The article also cites an anonymous executive who claims consumers would pay $100 extra for a device with lifetime music downloads, or $8 per month. Comparatively, Zune's pass is $15 a month. Apple's doing well with current music store sales, in second place behind Wal-mart. So one has to wonder what their motivation would be for such a setup. Total domination?

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Safari web browser 3.1Apple released a 3.1 version of its Safari Web browser on Tuesday with several improvements. Apple said the new version loads Web pages 1.9 times faster than Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 and 1.7 times faster than the open-source Firefox 2 browser. It also said Safari 3.1 runs JavaScript up to six times faster than any other browser, and it is the first to support new Web standards.

Apple said the speed benchmarks were based on VeriTest's iBench Version 5.0 with default settings, running on an iMac 2.4-GHz Intel Core 2 Duo system with Windows XP and 1GB of memory.

For Mac and Windows
The browser is available as a free download at, and works on both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. For Mac, the browser requires either the Tiger 10.4.11 version of Mac OS X, or Leopard, with at least 256MB of memory on any Intel-based Mac or any Mac with a PowerPC G5, G4 or G3 processor. For Windows XP or Vista, at least 256MB of memory is required and at least a 500-MHz Intel Pentium processor.

Apple Senior Vice President Philip Schiller said Safari 3.1 is "blazingly fast, easy to use" and features an "elegant user interface." Best of all, he added, the newest Safari supports audio, video and animation standards needed for the next generation of Web 2.0 experiences.

In particular, Apple noted that Safari 3.1 is the first browser to support new video and audio tags in HTML 5, as well as the first to support CSS animations. It also supports CSS Web fonts that offer new design choices.

Support for MacBook Air
The interface includes drag-and-drop bookmarks, easy-to-organize tabs, and an integrated Find that shows the number of matches in a page. A built-in RSS reader enables the user to scan and view news and information from feeds. Other features include double-clicking on the tab bar to open a new tab, URL metadata that accompanies images when they are dragged or saved from the browser, and support for trackpad gestures of back, forward and multiply on MacBook Air computers.

The new Safari also supports offline storage for Web applications in SQL databases, support for SVG and CSS images, and support for SVG advanced text. The Windows version improves on back and forward controls, supports signed Java applets, shows the Caps Lock icon in password fields, and adds support for international domain names. In addition, a contextual menu in the Windows version permits opening a link in a window or tab and there is improved pop-up blocking for plug-ins.

For the developer, Apple noted that there is now an option in Safari preferences to turn on the new Develop menu, which has Web development options. There is also access to a Web inspector with CSS editing, an improved snippet editor, and support for a custom user agent string.

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May be you might not notice but YouTube has recently updated its embedded video players and added a few minor features. Below are the new supported features-

Old vs new youtube video players
  • The new YouTube videos are now blatantly supporting keyboard shortcuts:
  • Space bar to pause the video and then resume it
  • Right arrow to fast forward
  • Left arrow to rewind/replay the video
  • and the up/down arrows to adjust volume.
The overlayed YouTube logo from the old video player was also moved to the lower right corner of the player to replace the Menu button with essentially unchanged features (shows related videos and embed code when clicked).

May be these functionalities not affect you but it’ll used for branding purpose as well.
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Xbox 360 controller version 2This is Ben Heck's one-handed Wii controller and one-handed wireless Xbox 360 controller.

Looking a lot easier to hold, it requires the use of your leg to control the right analog stick (and idea that sounds weirder than it probably actually feels).

One handed Xbox 360 controller version 2
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Eric Schmidt- Google CEOGoogle Inc, the world's leading search engine, said on Monday it was concerned about the free flow of information on the Internet if Microsoft Corp were to succeed in acquiring Yahoo Inc.

Last month, Microsoft proposed buying Yahoo in a deal originally worth $44.6 billion, but Yahoo's board has rejected the offer, saying it was too low.

"We would be concerned by any kind of acquisition of Yahoo by Microsoft," Chief Executive Eric Schmidt told reporters.

"We would hope that anything they did would be consistent with the openness of the Internet, but I doubt it would be."

Schmidt pointed to Microsoft's past history and "the things that it has done that have been so difficult for everyone," but he did not elaborate.

Last year, a European court upheld a landmark 2004 decision that Microsoft abused the near-monopoly power of its Windows operating system to damage competitors, along with a 497 million euro ($695 million) fine.

"We are concerned that there are things Microsoft could do that would be bad for the Internet," said Schmidt.

Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer pledged earlier this month that his company would gain market share against Google in online advertising and Web searching, even if led to his "last breath" at the company.

In a Reuters poll of financial analysts, the overwhelming majority said they believed Microsoft would eventually succeed in buying Yahoo, but many said they felt it may not be the best use of its ample cash reserves.

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In Apple's latest commercial, called the "The Winger", they show how the "iPhone makes remote blogging easier and faster." Check out the cool iPhone "The Winger" Ad video.

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Toshiba Dynabook SS RX1 LaptopToshiba just updated their 12.1-inch Dynabook SS RX1 in Japan with a new 128GB SSD option. Build RX1/TAE bundles 128GB of solid state disk with internal, KDDI EV-DO data module, 1.2GHz Core 2 Duo U7600 processor, 2GB of memory, Intel 945GMS Express graphics, a 1,280 x 800 pixel panel resolution, and choice of 6.2 hour or 12.5 hour batteries.

How much? Try something like more than $4,000 when it pops for Japanese retail next month.
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