iStick- iPod touch tubeiPod Touch Tube- The iStick is the size of lipstick tube. But it has four touchscreens for four times the Coverflow. I don't really get the white cube eating up a quarter of the stick though—why not just make the whole thing a solid tube of touchscreen, with the bottom and top holding the single button and earphone jack?

It also has Wi-Fi, for browsing the iTunes Store.


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Reggie says- Wii catch Xbox 360Reggie says that the 360's lead over the Wii in North America will disappear this year. And not just "this year", but by June. Which is not too far away!

He reckons the launch of Super Smash Bros will be a big factor in this, and while I can't see the logic in that - surely the people who freaked out over every pointless Dojo update already have a Wii - the overall prediction seems watertight to anyone who's been looking at sales charts for the past 12 months.

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Loremo- The diesel car with 150 mpgIt's not the first time we've seen diesel touted as a solution for more efficient vehicles, but Loremo AG's new eponymously-titled vehicle may just have all of 'em beat. According to the vehicle's designers, in addition to diesel, they relied on engine efficiency, low weight, and minimal drag to boost the fuel-efficiency, which they say could top out at lofty 150 miles per gallon.

With numbers like those, it should come as no surprise that Loremo's also entered the car in the Automotive X-Prize competition but, unlike most of the other entrants, this one will apparently actually be available to the general public relatively soon. That'll supposedly come sometime next year, with Europeans the first in line to get their hands on the vehicle for the relative bargain price of €15,000 (or $22,000) -- a redesigned North American version is then set to follow a year later. As if that wasn't enough Loremo's also promising a spiffier 3-cylinder GT version that'll run you $30,000, and both hybrid and fully electric versions, although those are only described as "in the works."

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Skydrive snapshotUpload and share up to 5GB of data to Windows Live SkyDrive, an online storage solution from Microsoft that's just graduated from beta. With your SkyDrive account (which requires a Windows Live ID), you get that 5GB of storage (which bests's 1GB free plan) for personal folders accessible only to you, shared folders accessible to your friends, and public folders open to everyone (which can be subscribed to via RSS).

Details on SkyDrive limitations and usage are sketchy, but it looks like individual file sizes may be limited to 50MB. Share your comments what you feel about Skydrive and we'll answer your queries...


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Chris Owens Sliding Glass PhoneDesigner Chris Owens has come up with a fashion phone that's even slicker (and lacking in features) than the LG Prada or the Samsung Armani phones.

The design's appealing because it's got a giant screen on the front (much like the Prada or the iPhone), but has an illuminated glass dialpad that slides out from the bottom. Yes, it looks like you can pretty much only call or text message people with the phone, but fashionistas don't bother with emails.

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Laptop with open hardware sectionsIt's an old adage that no security measure is worth anything if an attacker has physical access to the machine, but things like heavy-duty disk encryption are supposed to at least slow things down. Sadly, that may not actually be the case, as a group of Princeton researchers has just published a paper detailing an exploit that requires little more than a spray duster and a screwdriver. Since the encryption key for systems like BitLocker and FileVault lives in RAM, all an attacker has to do to get it is cool the RAM modules with the air duster held upside down, yank the DIMM, and insert it into another machine, where it can then be read to access the key. Of course, this assumes that you've already typed in your password, but check the video after the break to see how long bits in RAM stay written -- even if you've turned off your computer, there's a chance the key can still be read.

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American Top Models picsHere are the pics of the American's top models. Go & check out the models and let us know who will be the one American's Next Top Model........

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Zara with spring summer clothesNot much has gotten better since the nineties. The radio, for one, has gotten much worse. Magazines and newspapers totally suck now. In real terms the minimum wage has barely increased. Why, in my adult life I might say there hasn't been much to be very proud of in this country -- except, of course, clothes shopping. Over the past five years or so the way we shop has transformed in parts of this country, largely on the backs of the hallowed triumvirate of "fast fashion" retailers, H&M, Forever 21 and the Spanish retailer Zara and if you'd allow me to geek out for a minute, a story in today's Wall Street Journal lays out the reasons for that: Zara and H&M have become wizards of logistics, the scintillating business of figuring out how much stuff to get from which factories to which warehouses to which stores how fast. In the process, they've brought clothing manufacturing back into higher-wage countries and made cuter clothes available cheaper and faster. How did these companies manage to kick the asses of the Gap, Abercrombie etc. so quickly? I have a (socialist) theory as to how this all happened.

In Europe, retailers traditionally weren't supposed to hold sales. This has changed recently in some countries, but like, for years and years the government didn't let them mark down clothing. So while American retailers would over-order inventory from China by the shipping containerful, figuring that if something -- boyfriend jeans? Editor pants? pleather -- happened to take off, they could sell more of them at a retardedly inflated full price and get a better Christmas bonus. European retailers, meanwhile, were barred from law by generating this sort of waste. They were forced to simply become more efficient about monitoring what exactly was going to sell. This forced them to become more attuned to fashion while keeping prices at an "everyday low" level.

Then they came over to the U.S. and kicked the asses of all the bloated boring retail giants by offering cute clothes at reasonable prices. The thing is, do you end up buying more crap than you need now vs. the era of The Gap? Or less?

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Windows vista SP1 update snapshotAccording to, the widely-pirated but not-officially-available-yet Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is now ready for download... for some users. The site points out that the update popped today in one of their 64-bit Windows Vista Home Premium systems.

Today however, Windows Update tells that I have one important update to install on my 64bit Windows Vista Home Premium-based system - Windows Vista Service Pack 1 for x64 based Systems (KB936330). Other users don't yet seem to have been prompted for the install and even my own x86-based Vista laptop doesn't have the update available.

What's going on, someone other face this tragedy. Share your comments with us...


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Haruhi Suzumiya GameDoujin-made game The Fierce Fighting of Haruhi Suzumiya has been killed off! The doujin circle behind the game has pulled it at the (scary?) request of Kadokawa Shoten, the publisher that originally put out the Haruhi light novels and manga, plus distributes the anime and is releasing the upcoming Wii game.

The totally unofficial The Fierce Fighting of Haruhi Suzumiya had characters from the franchise battle each other in Dynasty Warriors-style battles. Rad! It even had cameos from another Kadokawa property, Lucky Star! Kadokawa hates on those who use its IP without authorization, going as far as to make YouTube take down unauthorized vids and whatnot.

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Smart ways to work with computersIf you leave the office most nights feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and behind on everything you've got to get done at work—even though you just spent 10 hours there—you're letting your workday get away from you. It's too easy to let the hours you spend at the office get stolen by meetings, email, interruptions, and impromptu co-worker chats that leave you saddled with busywork and too distracted to get the important stuff done. But with a little thought, you can leave work feeling accomplished and complete instead. When it's time to take back your workday, there are a few dead easy strategies that can help you focus on your tasks, firewall your attention, and reduce your workload so you can get out the door feeling light, free, and done.

10. Make a lunch or dinner date (to create a deadline).
Ever wonder why your co-workers who are parents get out of the door on time every day like clockwork? It's because they've got to pick up the kids at daycare by a certain time. If you feel like you've got all day to get things done, you're more likely to get sucked into stuff that's not that important. But a deadline will light a fire under your butt and keep your eye on the clock. If you know you've got a spouse at home expecting to see you by 6:30, or a buddy waiting for you at the gym, you're more likely to stay focused, get your stuff done, and get out of your chair on time.

If you can take lunch on your own schedule, this same strategy works midday, too: make a date with your co-worker or friend to have lunch at a set time, and use it as a deadline for getting your morning tasks done.

9. Write down the first thing you have to do tomorrow morning and put it on your keyboard before you leave the office.
The sad reality is that if you let it, your workday will get away from you without one single task getting checked off your to-do list: unless you make it your personal mission. The best time of the day to GTD is first thing in the morning, so make it easy on yourself. Every evening, before you leave the office, write down the single most important task you've got to get done the next day. Leave it on your desk, with any support material you need to work on it, so you can get rolling first thing. The best way to start your day is accomplishing something instead of fiddling around with email.

8. Don't check email for the first hour of the day.
Author of Never Check Email in the Morning Julie Morgenstern suggests waiting for one hour before you open up your email inbox in the morning. Instead of thoughtlessly reading email first thing, work on that task you laid out for yourself in #9. Accomplishing something out of the gate sets the tone for the rest of your day, Morgenstern says, and once you've launched your email client, you're "open for business" and paying attention to incoming requests.

Note: If you do business with folks in different time zones, this guideline can be very difficult to follow, especially if you know you've got new messages over night. But let's be realistic: a one hour email delay won't kill anyone.

7. Decide NOT to do one task on your to-do list and cross it off.
It's not always the boss who's putting pressure on us to get things done and assigning us tasks: sometimes we take on little projects and to-do's because they seem like a good idea for one reason or another. If you've got a to-do list a mile long with items that have been sitting there for weeks? Chances are there are a few you can cross off right this moment because they're not worth doing after all. A "good idea at the time" isn't always a good idea. If you've assigned yourself busywork that isn't that important, simply opt not to do it—that's the fastest and lowest-effort way to get it off your plate.

6. Edit that email you're writing down to less than five sentences.
No one likes to get long-winded email, and email's not the appropriate place to have extended conversations. The shorter your email is, the more likely you are to get a response. Designer Mike Davidson instituted a personal email policy that no message he sends is more than five sentences, which saves himself and the recipient time. Give it a try. If your message has to be longer, pick up the phone and call instead.

5. Cut someone off.
When chatty Cathy's yapping your head off, or that passive meeting leader is letting things go off the rails in the conference room for too long, speak up. Don't be rude, of course. A polite but business-like, "Can we get back to the agenda?" or "I hate to cut this short, but I've got an appointment" or "This seems off-topic for this meeting--can we move on?" can save you hours of wasted time at the office.

4. Book a meeting with yourself.
If your head is spinning with all the stuff you've got to get done and the interruptions keep coming, you need some alone time. If the hours of your day keep getting stolen by meeting requests and drive-by interruptions, box out an hour or so every few days specifically to regroup and get organized. Literally enter the meeting with yourself on your calendar, and if you need to get away from your desk, book a conference room as well. Take your project list, to-do list, and calendar with you to the room and spend that time deciding what, when, and how you're going to tackle all the stuff in your work life, as if you're a boss meeting with your assistant. (GTD'ers know this technique as the weekly review.)

3. Master the art of the qualified yes.
Don't be a yes-man or woman by default. When you have a choice (and most times you do), instead of automatically saying yes unconditionally to incoming requests, qualify it. Ask for more information like the deadline or requirements. See if it's something that can be put off till a later date or done by someone more available or better-suited. Merlin Mann's recent talk at Macworld, Time Sinks and Attention Burglars, has a fabulous section on negotiating incoming requests and qualifying your yes'es so you don't give away your time so easily.

2. Block out distractions and set a timer.
When your brain is frozen in a solid block of paralyzed procrastination around a task and you're letting yourself get carried away by distractions like email and instant messenger, it's time to take out the big guns. Turn off your email and IM client, grab a kitchen timer, set it for 10 minutes, and work until the beep. Then, take a break. Wash, rinse, and repeat. I swear by this technique, which got me through writing 400 pages of the Lifehacker book when all I wanted to do was crawl under the bed and hide. If you give yourself an easy deadline (it's only 10 minutes!) and make it a race with the clock, you'll unfreeze your brain and break through your blocks.

1. Do a free jot brain dump.
When you're so stuck in a rut that your brain can't even grok the concept of a to-do list and you have no idea where you are or where you should be, it's time to do a serious regroup (while going easy on yourself). Take a piece of paper and a pen, go to a quiet place, and free jot for 10 minutes. Make lists. Mind map. Free associate ideas. Rant. Write down whatever comes to mind to get your juices flowing. When we get hung up on busywork and crushed by overwhelm, our brains can't take it any more. A last-resort, free-jot brain dump can re-focus the big picture: what's important to you, what your biggest problem is right now, and what your next step is.

Regular brain dumps and mind maps are a great way to boost creativity and get started on projects, but they're also an effective last resort strategy for those really bad days that have reduced you to a twitching mess of dysfunctional information anxiety.

Read more on "Top 10 Smart and Lazy Ways to Save Your Workday"!
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Lenovo X300 vs MacBook AirAfter the comparison of Macbook Air vs Macbook Pro, now let's compare Lenovo X300 with MacBook Air. Here are the main points of the Lenovo X300, compared to the MacBook Air, according to Walt Mossberg:
  • Is thicker than MacBook Air. Winner: MacBook Air.
  • Is heavier than MacBook Air. Winner: MacBook Air.
  • Has less battery life in both tests and normal use (so much for SSD.) Winner: MacBook Air.
  • Has way more ports. Winner: Lenovo X300.
  • Has built-in DVD possibility. Winner: Lenovo X300.
  • Has SSD drive built-in. Winner: Lenovo X300.
  • Has WiMax connectivity. Winner: Lenovo X300.
  • Has USB Wireless. Winner: Lenovo X300.
  • Has GPS location-finding. Winner: Lenovo X300.
  • Has higher screen resolution. Winner: Lenovo X300.
  • Has a screen that stands up higher, leaving less viewing angle while travelling on plane. Winner: MacBook Air.
  • Has slower processor. Winner: MacBook Air.
  • Doesn't use Mac OS X Leopard. Winner: MacBook Air.
  • Is more expensive at $2,476 with half battery and without DVD. It has SSD, but it doesn't add any advantage. More popular configuration is $3,000 with full battery and DVD drive. MacBook Air base model is $1,799. Winner: MacBook Air.
That's seven wins each. Does this mean there's no winner? Apparently so. Even while Walter Mossberg preference for Leopard could be debatable , there's clearly a message that both of these two computers are right... and wrong. At the end, it just depends on preference. On its own, the Lenovo gets the thumbs up from Caesar Mossberg: if you have the money and "you're happy with Windows," the Lenovo X300 is a "notable engineering accomplishment."

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Hd dvd imageIf you're an early adopter who got burned by Blu-Ray's victory over HD DVD, Wired's How-To Wiki details how to convert your old-and-busted HD DVDs to the victorious Blu-Ray format.

The catch is that the process, from start to finish, is a major pain, and you'll need both an HD DVD drive and a Blu-Ray burner on your PC. In all the conversion is probably more of a hassle and just as expensive as re-purchasing your HD DVDs in Blu-Ray or buying a dual-format player, so if you're really considering going through this process, you may want to take that into account that before diving in. Hope to hear from you through your comments.

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As of today, the analog cellphone is no more. Here's the complete timeline of its development, since Greece in 490BC to February 18, 2008, the day in which networks are no longer obligated to provide with analog cellphone coverage.

Click image in order to see more details.

490 BC
Pheidippides ran from Marathon to Athens to transmit the news of the victory over the Persians.
Signal was really bad back then: he died on the spot after delivering the message, according to Plutarch.

First successful telephone transmission. Graham Bell says "Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you" and Watson understands each word clearly. A century later, people would be "What? Say that again? Watson? Watson?" over cellphone lines.

Marconi puts Tesla wireless communications discoveries to practice, developes commercial radio.

Reginald Aubrey Fessenden demonstrates first wireless radio telephone.

First US Patent on a wireless phone awarded to Nathan B. Stubblefield.

Radio telephony starts to be used in the First Class of the Hamburg-Berlin train line.

World War II starts. Germans start using radio phones in tanks on a large scale.

Germany surrenders. Hitler kills himself, he never used a Windows Mobile Phone, (or a Playstation 3 or a HD DVD player.)

Bell Labs proposes hexagonal cells for mobile phones, with the three sided antenna we know today. It sucked, because it was all theoretical.

Linus Larrabee (Humphrey Bogart) uses a real mobile phone from his car in Billy Wilder's Sabrina (played by Audrey Hepburn.)

First fully automatic mobile phone (Mobiltelefonisystem A or MTA) system launched in Sweden by Ericsson. Each handset, pictured above, was 90 pounds (40 kg.)

Ericsson's MTB is launched. This time, the headset is just 20 pounds (9 kg.) thanks to the use of transistors.

Automatic "call handoff" system is invented, allowing mobile phones to move through several cell areas during a single conversation without loss of conversation.

ARP, the first successful commercial cellphone network, is launched in Finland. You couldn't move from cell to cell seamlessly.
It was 0G (Zero G.)

April 3, 1973: Motorola's Dr. Martin Cooper calls Joel Engel, head of research at AT&T's Bell Labs, while walking in New York City using the first Motorola DynaTAC prototype. The beginning of 1G networks.

Bell launches first trial commercial cellular network in Chicago.

Nokia introduces their first cellphone, the analog Mobira Senator. FCC approves the analog-based Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AMPS) and assigns frequencies in the 824-894 MHz band.

Motorola DynaTAC 8000X is the first commercial cellphone available in the US.MTB shuts down, still with 600 clients.

FCC approves the Digital AMPS, the beginning of the end for analog networks.

First commercial GSM call in the world. Done using Nokia hardware. 2G and digital begins.

txt msgng apprs 4 1st time LOL.

Motorola StarTAC debuts.

3G appears.

FCC decides to shut down the analog network

GPRS and EDGE, technologies for faster (but not too fast) data transfers, launch. It's 2.5G. 3G networks are not available yet.

iPhone launches. Still runs on 2.5G technology, but adds Wi-Fi for data transfer. 3G cellphones start to become ubiquitous.

February 19
Cellphone analog networks can shut down.

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Xbox live imageMake no mistake, we've seen curious job postings lead to changes in our favorite gizmos before, and hopefully, a recent ad on Microsoft's website is no different. A listing seeking a Program Manager explicitly states that it's looking for someone to "be involved in the next release of Xbox," and wants that very individual to be "part of the Xbox Live team that's responsible for creating a completely new way for mainstream audiences to enjoy the Xbox and Live."

Better still, the description suggests that the team would be "building the games, the console interface and logic, and the server support for a totally new Live experience." Granted, there's nothing more to go on than this at the moment, but we can't help but be a teensy bit excited about the notion of an overhauled Xbox Live.
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Best-selling author Tim Ferriss offers digital minimalism tips to reduce the amount of time you spend in your email inbox.

Here are eight concrete tips and services for digital minimalism that can help eliminate—as a start—compulsive inboxing during the evenings and weekends.

Treat all of them as short experiments and customize.

1. "Batch" email at set times.

Have an email-checking schedule and do not deviate. There is an inevitable task-switching cost otherwise—U.S. office workers spend 28% of their time switching between tasks due to interruption, and 40% of the time, an interrupted task is not resumed within 24 hours. Use template autoresponders to alert people of your email schedule and encourage them to call if something needs faster attention. The "urgent" email-to-call conversion is usually less than 10%.

This gives you breathing room to focus on predefined to-do's instead of responding to manufactured emergencies and ending the day with nothing to show for it.

Alternative approaches include appending your signature with your email schedule, having only email from certain contacts forwarded to your Crackberry/PDA, and—if a manager of a small group—setting an inbox checking schedule for internally-generated email. Ensure that your first batch is around 10 or 11 a.m. and never first thing in the morning, as you want a meaningful volume (1/4-1/3rd of the daily total), and you should accomplish at least one critical to-do before going into reactive mode.

2. Send and read email at different times.

Go offline and respond to all email from a local program such as Outlook or Mail to avoid having the outgoing flow interrupted by immediate responses.

Ever noticed how effective it is to respond to your email while on an airplane? Manufacture that environment by going offline to batch send.

3. Don't scan email if you can't immediately fix problems encountered.

One simple example: don't scan the inbox on Friday evening or over the weekend if you might encounter work problems that can't be addressed until Monday. This is the perfect way to ruin a weekend with preoccupation. Remember that just as income has no value without time, time has no value without attention.

4. Don't BIF people during off-hours.

"BIF" stands for "before I forget" and refers to emails sent on evenings or weekends out of fear of forgetting a to-do or follow-up. This sets a mutual expectation of 24/7 work hours and causes a plethora of problems. There are a number of better alternatives. First, use a service like instead that allows you to send voice reminders via cell, which are transcribed and sent to your inbox or someone else's. If to someone else's, be sure to add "no need to respond until [next work hours]." Second, if you prefer low-tech, externalize follow-ups and to-do's in a small notebook like a Moleskine instead of entering the "bet you can't eat just one" inbox.

5. Don't use the inbox for reminders or as a to-do list.

Related to 4 above. Don't mark items as "unread," star them, or otherwise leave them in the inbox as a constant reminder of required actions. This just creates visual distraction while leading you to evaluate the same items over and over. Put them into a calendar (or Moleskine or other capturing system) for follow-up and archive the email, even if that calendar item is just "Respond to 2/10 email from Suzie." (Editor: See Lifehacker's "Trusted Trio" system for moving email messages out of your inbox and into one of three places: Archive, Hold (calendar item for a later date), or Follow-Up (your to-do list.))

6. Set rules for email-to-phone escalation.

One Senior VP in a Fortune 500 company recently told me that he's established a simple policy with his direct reports that has cut email volume by almost 40%: once a decision generates more than four emails total in a thread, someone needs to pick up the phone to resolve the issue.

7. Before writing an email, ask yourself: "what problem am I trying to solve?" or "what is my ideal outcome?"

Unclear purpose, usually a symptom of striving to be busy instead of productive, just requires later clarification from all parties and multiplies back-and-forth volume. Be clear in desired results or don't hit that Send button.

8. Learn to make suggestions instead of asking questions.

Stop asking for suggestions or solutions and start proposing them. Begin with the small things. Rather than asking when someone would like to meet next week, propose your ideal times and second choices. If someone asks, "Where should we eat?", "What movie should we watch?", "What should we do tonight?", or anything similar, do not reflect it back with "Well, what/when/where do you want to...?" Offer a solution. Stop the back and forth and make a decision. Practice this in both personal and professional environments. Here are a few lines that help (my favorites are the first and last):

"Can I make a suggestion?"
"I propose..."
"I'd like to propose..."
"I suggest that... what do you think?"
"Let's try... and then try something else if that doesn't work."

Remember: In email, the small things are the big things. If you can cut an exchange from six to three email messages, that's a 50% reduction in your inbox volume over time. This can make the difference between working all the time and leaving the office (both physically and mentally) at 5 p.m.

Read more on "Stop Checking Email on the Evenings and Weekends"!
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PS2 $100 barrierStarting February 24 (ie this Sunday), Target stores across the US will be selling slim PS2s for $99. Yes, that magical, mythical $99 price-point.

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iPhone, iPod touch prices downThe news in the market is that Apple may lower prices on the iPhone and iPod touch in the next few months and drop the 8GB touch. Word is that falling flash prices coupled with the desire to introduce the 3G iPhone at an attractive price point will lead to the 16GB iPhone falling to $399, along with similar touch price drops: 16GB for $299 and 32GB for $399. It's not clear what'll happen to the 8GB iPhone, but everyone seems to agree that the 8GB touch is on the way out -- we actually think a $199 8GB touch would fly off shelves, but that's probably cutting margins razor-thin.

We'll see when we see and if flash prices are really falling that fast, it'll be interesting to see what happens to iPod nano pricing as well. Share your comments with us.

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Elonex one top laptop explanationAfter the Eee PC, Cloudbook, Pixel Qi, etc, now the next at the table will apparently be Elonex, which intends to introduce the £100 (~$200) One on February 28th at The Education Show in Birmingham, England. Obviously the intention here is to sell to education markets, but the One is also going to be up for grabs for "adult learners, business users, people who are constantly mobile, elderly people and first time internet users."

We don't have any better shots of the thing, but apparently this One (not that One, or the other One) will weigh "less than a kilo" (2.2 pounds), has a 7-inch screen, three hour battery, 1GB of flash memory, and runs on Linux. Apparently there's also a more expensive £120 model that has double the memory (2GB) and Bluetooth, to boot. Both will also have access to a service called ONEunion, which will "feature artwork and music for download, opportunities to get your own content added to the club as well as a range of competitions," presumably for the kids.

Jkkmobile's got some additional info. Looks like the One could be a rebadge of a Fontastic A-View ultra-cheap Chinese "simple PC".

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Forecasting of games by scientistsPowerful game consoles are often just as programmable as research computers, and scientists are finding real world applications for them every day.
There is no doubt that the entertainment industry is helping to drive the direction of high performance computational science," said Professor Peter Coveney of University College London.
The Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii in particular can function as great scientific tools.

Gaurav Khanna, a professor at the University of Massachusetts, uses an array of 16 PS3s instead of a supercomputer to simulate two black holes merging.

A single high-precision simulation can sometimes cost more than 5,000 hours on the TeraGrid supercomputers. For the same cost, you can build your own supercomputer using PS3s. It works just as well, has no long wait times and can be used over and over again, indefinitely," said Khanna.
We've previously seen how the Wii's cheap motion sensing technology has been useful to surgeons, but more recently, the Wii has been used during rehabilitation for recovering surgery patients and as an aid in Parkinson's therapy. Now, you can go and explain to your wife/mom/savings account why you needed all three next generation consoles on launch day—to cure cancer, obviously.

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Dress for success with a perfectly tied necktie. The Kinowear blog teaches you how to tie any type of tie from the Windsor to the Four-in-Hand to the St. Andrew Knot, complete with video demonstrations and step-by-step photos. Further, learn which ties better complement the shape of your face. The article states:
If you have a strong, angular face you look better in striped ties. Dotted and paisley printed ties go well with a round or baby face. Solid colors can be worn by everyone.
You can also discover how your height factors into your tie selection in addition to getting the right tie length wherever you go.
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All you can eat imageI've gotten a flood of tips that the notoriously miserly Verizon is lining things up to offer unlimited calling plans. Starting Tuesday the 19th February'08 should see the following plans sprout up:
  • $100 - Nationwide Unlimited (voice)
  • $120 - Nationwide Select Unlimited (voice, SMS, MMS)
  • $140 - Nationwide Premium (voice, SMS, MMS, VZNav, VCAST, email)
  • $150 - Nationwide Email and Messaging (voice, SMS, MMS, and data)
  • $170 - Nationwide Global Email and Messaging (voice, SMS, MMS, and international data)
  • $200 - Family plan with two lines, $100 per additional line.
Not only this, there are even more perks and benefits in store for premium-paying unlimited users:
  • 5GB cap on data is out
  • No contract extension for current customers
  • Available on one or two year agreements
  • All plans include Mobile Web 2.0 portal access
  • No roaming or long distance
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The product is called the Oral Sex Light. We're not too sure much of an explanation except NSFW explanation image mentioned below.

Oral sex light product Graphic image aside, the Oral Sex Light will set you back $13.99, and mounts (ha) via a clip-on ear piece. The torch attached is completely flexible, meaning you can totally scope out those hard to find regions. Unfortunately, if you ever did try to wow a date with your I-come-prepared attitude, she'll likely be out of the door quicker than she could say, "What the hell was I doing there in the first place?" At that point, you'll have to make use of the Oral Sex Light on your own, which will be an even sadder and more twisted state of affairs than normal.

Source- [Gizmodo]
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Dumble weights imageBeyond the health benefits to regular exercise, there are many other reasons why you should make fitness training a part of your daily routine. One of these reasons is because you can let go of the stress you have at work. Weblog The Next 45 Years writes:
Not everyone is born an athlete. Only a select few actually become professional athletes.

The rest of us pay their salaries. But in the gym, on the basketball court, we can let go and be the one who attempts the clutch shot or makes a key defensive stop. We are not passively watching, we are engaged and doing.

Exercise makes you feel good. It's also not a competition. A fitness routine can be paced according to your wants and needs and you can do as little or as much as you want. Besides living the healthy lifestyle, why have you chosen to exercise regularly? Come on you people, Share your reasons .

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PSP hit internetThat PSP hack, that was wired about a few weeks ago has hit the interblogs, and we predict all hell will be breaking loose any moment. Un-retired homebrew mastermind Dark_AleX has come up with a little number called Timemachine, which is capable of spinning your PSP back to all sorts of crazy firmwares at the touch of a button.

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Google vs Yahoo Audience ComparisonOnline marketing firm Hitwise has published a socioeconomic demographic rundown of Yahoo and Google users.

According to Hitwise data and this Lifestyle Quadrant Analysis, while lots of people are using Yahoo search (those are the dots in the upper left), groups that have spent more that $500 or more online tend to use Google (those are the dots in the lower right, the bigger dots designate $500+ spenders). So while Yahoo has the "struggling societies" market cornered, Google is fairly pleased with their "affluent suburbia" and "upscale America" user base.


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