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Lenovo X300 vs MacBook AirAfter the comparison of Macbook Air vs Macbook Pro, now let's compare Lenovo X300 with MacBook Air. Here are the main points of the Lenovo X300, compared to the MacBook Air, according to Walt Mossberg:
  • Is thicker than MacBook Air. Winner: MacBook Air.
  • Is heavier than MacBook Air. Winner: MacBook Air.
  • Has less battery life in both tests and normal use (so much for SSD.) Winner: MacBook Air.
  • Has way more ports. Winner: Lenovo X300.
  • Has built-in DVD possibility. Winner: Lenovo X300.
  • Has SSD drive built-in. Winner: Lenovo X300.
  • Has WiMax connectivity. Winner: Lenovo X300.
  • Has USB Wireless. Winner: Lenovo X300.
  • Has GPS location-finding. Winner: Lenovo X300.
  • Has higher screen resolution. Winner: Lenovo X300.
  • Has a screen that stands up higher, leaving less viewing angle while travelling on plane. Winner: MacBook Air.
  • Has slower processor. Winner: MacBook Air.
  • Doesn't use Mac OS X Leopard. Winner: MacBook Air.
  • Is more expensive at $2,476 with half battery and without DVD. It has SSD, but it doesn't add any advantage. More popular configuration is $3,000 with full battery and DVD drive. MacBook Air base model is $1,799. Winner: MacBook Air.
That's seven wins each. Does this mean there's no winner? Apparently so. Even while Walter Mossberg preference for Leopard could be debatable , there's clearly a message that both of these two computers are right... and wrong. At the end, it just depends on preference. On its own, the Lenovo gets the thumbs up from Caesar Mossberg: if you have the money and "you're happy with Windows," the Lenovo X300 is a "notable engineering accomplishment."

Source- http://gizmodo.com/359014/lenovo-x300-vs-macbook-air-mossberg-bitchfight
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