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All you can eat imageI've gotten a flood of tips that the notoriously miserly Verizon is lining things up to offer unlimited calling plans. Starting Tuesday the 19th February'08 should see the following plans sprout up:
  • $100 - Nationwide Unlimited (voice)
  • $120 - Nationwide Select Unlimited (voice, SMS, MMS)
  • $140 - Nationwide Premium (voice, SMS, MMS, VZNav, VCAST, email)
  • $150 - Nationwide Email and Messaging (voice, SMS, MMS, and data)
  • $170 - Nationwide Global Email and Messaging (voice, SMS, MMS, and international data)
  • $200 - Family plan with two lines, $100 per additional line.
Not only this, there are even more perks and benefits in store for premium-paying unlimited users:
  • 5GB cap on data is out
  • No contract extension for current customers
  • Available on one or two year agreements
  • All plans include Mobile Web 2.0 portal access
  • No roaming or long distance
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