Xbox 360 has increased their sales 88% in June month. This Microsoft's product won the title of best-selling console in June because of it's sexy physical redesign. NPD numbers showed that Microsoft shifted 451,700 units in the US, which is more than the Wii's tally of 422,500 and cover-up the PS3's 304,800 numbers.

As Sony US sales were said to have tripled in the immediate aftermath of the new SKU's release so Microsoft might have a little bit of catching up to do yet, but let's not forget that the king of all hardware sales remains the DS, which somehow managed to sell more than half a million devices in June, in spite of the whole world and its dog already owning one.
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Sony is going to release NEX-VG10 camcorder into London just in time for today's showcase event. This device is the world's first consumer HandyCam with interchangeable lens, meaning you can share E-mount lenses with your young NEX DSLRs, or take advantage of the abundant A-mount lenses with the help of an adapter. Likewise, there are also hot and cold shoe mounts on the mic shaft to cater your current camera accessories.

Here's the details:
  • Solid body or the mic shaft, and both ways provided comfortable grip without much fatigue due to the light weight.
  • It didn't pick up any mechanical noise from its lens auto focussing.
  • Stunningly accurate colors, sharp 1080/60i picture, and impressive audio sensitivity.
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Marty Cooper - an cellphone inventor. No need to tell who's this guy but why I'm giving this intro as he's not such popular among us. He's the one who invented the cellphone in the early 1970s, however he has been more popular out in the public recently, when he has given an length interview to CNN in which he ruminates on the invention that quite literally changed the world. Perhaps most notably is that he says he and his team at Motorola always "knew that someday everybody would have a cellphone," but that he found it "hard to imagine that that would happen in my lifetime."
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