Nokia logoAnother big win for Nokia. The Finnish handset giant announced today that it had struck a deal with Chinese mobile phone wholesaler China Postel to supply $2 billion worth of handsets in China.

Reuters reports the deal is one of Nokia’s biggest in what is its top market. It previously signed a deal in 2007 with China Postel to supply $2.5 billion worth of phones. With Motorola in disarray, Nokia has seen its global market share hit 40 percent. In the fourth quarter, Reuters notes, it sold more phones than all three of its closest competitors.

Source- moconews
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Microsoft Office Live BetaMicrosoft Monday launched the public beta of Office Live Workspace and added a number of features to the service that users can team with the desktop version of Office.

Office Live Workspace is not an online version of Office but a number of services that let users share and store documents online. The public beta, which is now available worldwide, is limited to the English version. Microsoft also has removed its wait list requirement in hopes of scaling up the service to its 500 million Office users. Microsoft also said 13 universities are participating in the beta.

CEO Steve Ballmer has said that all of Microsoft's shrink-wrapped software would eventually have an online services component as part of the company's software plus services initiative.

Competitors such as Google and Adobe have similar document storage services.

The Live Workspace service is built on the back of SharePoint Server, which Microsoft is also offering as a service to enterprise users. With Office Live Workspace, documents can be created with Office or any other document editors and then upload to a central repository.

Microsoft has added five new features to Live Workspace including an Activity Panel, which shows all the activities in a workspace; Notifications, which provides notice of changes made to a workspace or document; Direct Links, which lets users set a browser bookmark for a particular workspace; and a drag-and-drop multi-file upload capability.

Microsoft first unveiled Live Workspace in December to a limited number of beta testers. The company plans to introduce other languages and end the service's beta cycle later this year.

Microsoft officials said they see Office Live Workspace evolving over time to include even more productivity tools.

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Invisible boat by British navyScientists at the Britannia Royal Navy College are working hard to make the idea of an invisible ship a reality using metamaterials that refract light in such a way that it "bends" around an object, making it appear as if it were invisible.

This would only account for viewing with the naked eye however—naturally radar cloaking would be an important part of the equation. However, it appears that this technology may be able to accomplish a lot more.

Chris Lavers, a senior lecturer in remote sensing and sensors technology at the college believes that nanomaterials could help render the next generation of ships invisible to the naked eye, radar, and even heat seeking missiles—all while being completely quiet and impossible to detect based on their impact on the Earth's magnetic field. This isn't the first time we have heard about invisibility cloaking using similar methods, so here's hoping that something actually comes of it in the near future.

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Sony PSP in JapanSony Corp said it would add a Skype Web phone function to its PlayStation Portable later this month in Japan in a bid to boost the appeal of the handheld machine, which is running behind Nintendo Co Ltd's DS in sales.

Skype is a unit of eBay Inc, the world's largest online auctioneer.

Sony's game unit had said in January it was delaying the introduction later that month of the Skype service for PSP users in Japan, as a microphone it planned to start selling for the new service did not meet Skype specifications.

But the same microphone has managed to pass the Skype requirements on condition that it is sold with the recommendation that it be used within 10 centimeters of the mouth of a user.

Sony Computer Entertainment now plans to start selling the microphone on March 19 in Japan for 2,500 yen ($24), enabling PSP users to make free Web-based phone calls to other PSP users and to users of PCs equipped with Skype software.

It started offering the Skype service on the PSP earlier this year in overseas markets.

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Unfortunately, many people still assume--incorrectly, of course--that veganism is expensive. If you eat costly packaged food and store-bought faux meats everyday, being a vegan will certainly bust your budget.

kitcen gadgetsTake heart. Even small adjustments to your thinking, habits and food preparation methods can make a huge impact on your wallet, as you'll see from these tips--most of which have the added benefit of being environmentally-friendly.
  1. Bake your own bread. It doesn't take much hands-on time and can save your about $3 a loaf. For a married couple, that adds up to $156 in a year.
  2. Freeze your assets. Freeze leftovers, food that's just about to turn, or produce overflow.
  3. Cook beans from scratch and freeze them in ziplock bags. You'll have fresh, cooked beans at a moment's notice and at half the cost of canned beans. [Canned beans are still a good value in my opinion, though. They have saved me from succumbing to the takeout menu many times.]
  4. Consider the long-term financial implications of organic. Sure, buying pesticide- ridden, traditional produce like peppers and peaches, may be cheaper in the short-term. But since many of these chemicals are banned in other countries, it's not unreasonable to treat them with extreme suspicion. Think of organic an investment in your health.
  5. Make your own faux meats. If you must have faux meats, seitan is simple to prepare. Make several batches at once, and freeze the leftovers in plastic containers.
  6. Pack your own lunch. This habit has saved Omniman and me thousands over the years. Consider this: A basic sandwich in Philadelphia costs about $6 plus $2 if you want a drink. By those calculations, Omniman and I are saving $1,920 each per year. [$8 x 5 working days x 48 work weeks, minus vacation ]
  7. Don't buy what you already have. Why purchase Tupperware, for example, if you have access to plastic Earth Balance tubs? Don't recycle a plastic lunch bag after just one use. Rinse it out and use it again.
  8. Remember: packaged foods [please only choose healthy versions!] are still cheaper than eating out. Restaurant meals are our main source of entertainment, especially since we have access to so many great eateries here in Philly. But we try to limit our excursions to weekends. Packaged foods, judiciously used, have deterred us from eating out on countless weeknights, after particularly trying days on the job.
  9. Pass on plastic bottles of water. Bottled water is an environmental and economic bane. Fill your own water bottles to take with you.
  10. Use cloth napkins. Not only are they more elegant than paper, they also cost less in the long run, and are kinder to Mama Earth.
  11. Know how much stuff costs. This takes some practice, but if you become familiar with how much things cost, you will develop a nose for a bargain. Keeping a "price book" can help you develop this $-saving skill.
  12. Stock up. When an item you frequently use goes on sale, stock up. It's money in the bank, even if you need to store 10 bags of flour under your bed.
  13. Buy seasonal produce. Not only does it taste better, but it also tends to cost less.
  14. Grow your own. If you have a yard or patio, raising your own veggies will save you a huge chunk of change. I don't have an outdoor space, but I do grow herbs indoors.
  15. Make the time-consuming stuff. Cookies. English Muffins. Bagels. Popcorn. Try it once and you'll see it's not as hard as it looks.
  16. Borrow your cookbooks from the library instead of buying them. OK, here's where I could use an intervention.
  17. Ethnic grocery stores are your friends. They'll outprice Whole Foods any day.
  18. Never, ever throw food away. My parents grew up during the Depression, so this notion was branded into my brain at an early age. Freeze leftovers, or find a way to reinvent unsuccessful dinner "experiments."
  19. Before you go grocery shopping--make a list. Set a budget. And stick to it.
  20. Some appliances are investments, not extravagances. My ice cream maker has paid for itself many times over, for example, in pints of sorbet and soy cream.
  21. You can can. A small investment in equipment and time can yield huge savings, especially if you garden.
  22. Give edible gifts. Not only are they greatly appreciated, but they are also healthier and less costly than giving traditional presents.
  23. Pay less for kitchen wares. Scout out bargains at flea markets, garage sales and in thrift stores. You'll find something chic--and cheap.
  24. Put a lid on it. Water will boil faster, and you'll use less energy, if you put a lid on the pan.
  25. In this age of conspicuous consumption, remember this old New England adage: "Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do, or do without."
Share your own money saving tips here...

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Free iPhones MacBooks to studentsHaven't heard of it either, but they must be the Cal to Abilene Christian University's Stanford (or sub your fav rivalry here) as they seem ready to pony up the cash necessary to fund the next free-gear-to-students publicity stunt.

This time the offering is not only an iPod touch or iPhone, but a new MacBook as well -- and to sweeten the deal, current students can trade their machines in for a new one. Your tuition (and tithing) dollars hard at work, OCU parents, students, and alumni.

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Google logoGoogle has continues to invest in projects other than what advertisements to post when someone searches for LOLcats by throwing the weight of it’s giant stacks of cash at Harvard’s George Church.

Dr Church plans to spend $1 billion to tie DNA information to each person’s health history in an attempt to create a database for finding new medicines. His credentials are high as he helped develop the first direct genomic sequencing method in 1984.

It’s good to see the heavyweights of the tech industry to contribute to the overall science community. American science has been suffering in the last few years even as interest in technology has been on the upswing and this type of investment can only help in the long term. Unfortunately, share holders are only willing to go along with these kinds of investments for so long before they get antsy.

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World's Largest Airport Terminal in BeijingDesigned by Foster + Partners, the Beijing Airport is the "world's largest and most advanced airport building - not only technologically, but also in terms of passenger experience, operational efficiency and sustainability."

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Amid ongoing competitive pressure from Facebook, MySpace is taking its latest shot at entering the music business as other social networking peers, such as and imeem, are making big audience gains with ad-supported music offerings.

Singer actress jessica simpsonAccording to sources, MySpace is planning a service that would combine free ad-supported music listening with paid MP3 downloads and music subscriptions.

MySpace parent company News Corp. has approached the major labels about forming a joint-venture music site, similar to its partnership with the major Hollywood studios for video site

The new service would be operated by MySpace and seemingly be positioned to compete against every offering from iTunes to subscription service Rhapsody to social networks. Details are still unclear on MySpace's plans, but it is expected that MySpace will build the music service on its existing social networking base, which draws nearly 70 million U.S. users each month.

MySpace did not return calls for comment.

During the last year, the four major labels have warmed to the idea of allowing users to share music on social networking sites, inking deals with and imeem for a cut of advertising revenue. Music is the central connector on both sites: Users create and share playlists with their favorite songs, find and add friends based on their music preferences, listen to full-length songs on demand and purchase downloads through links to Amazon and iTunes.

CBS-owned reported a 92 percent jump in U.S. users in the span of the last month, making it one of the fastest-growing music networks. now claims 21 million unique visitors per month, close to the 23 million unique visitors of rival imeem, which has also seen strong growth in the last year.


But only a minority of consumers use social networking sites to access music. According to NPD Group, just 14 percent of Internet users report getting music through social networking sites in 2007. Among teens and college-aged users, the proportion is 25 percent.

Execs at imeem and shrugged off MySpace's impending entrance. "MySpace is a bit late to the table, to be quite honest," co-founder Martin Stiksel said before adding, "MySpace is always a force to be reckoned with."

Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey predicted in a recent report, "The End of the Music Industry As We Know It," that in five years social network-enabled music purchases will be the primary way people buy music.

Stiksel believes the ad-supported model is an even better way for consumers to get music and for labels and artists to get paid.

"When you buy a CD, the artist and the label get paid once," he said. "On, music gets monetized perpetually every time someone presses 'play."'

Imeem is pushing its business as an alternative to piracy for a young audience that isn't purchasing music.

"Social networking has the opportunity to be the best hope for the online music experience for the fans, the artists, the industry," imeem chief marketing officer/head of business development Steve Jang said. "If we can do it in a controlled way where we're getting marketing and promotion and also revenue, that's great. It will eat away at a lot of illegal usages online."

Music social networking still has its challenges, the biggest being whether users will put up with ads to hear their favorite songs. Execs from imeem and say users don't mind ads so long as they don't get in the way of music playback.

"They certainly have a tremendous opportunity," NPD VP/senior analyst Russ Crupnick said. "On the other hand, nobody has really done a particularly good job so far of challenging Apple. The thing about iTunes with younger consumers is that linkage back to the iPod. It's hard to separate the device from the music storage and software application."

McQuivey points out that even if social networking does emerge as a dominant model for listening to music, it could benefit Apple by selling more music online, which could help sell more iPods.

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A boy named Joe Falciatano III from Pulaski, New York, seems to have simply the worst luck ever -- and some think it could be do to an overly magnetized touch. While using PCs at this elementary school, Joe -- who dubbed himself "Magneto Man" -- found that every system he laid his hands on went totally haywire.

Only after a teacher suggested he use a grounded, anti-static wrist strap did the systems experience relief from his Geek Squad-inducing grasp. Apparently, the boy has also disrupted slide show presentations and caused his Xbox to freeze repeatedly. Though tests have been run on Joe, there's still no conclusive evidence about the source of the problem, though at least one electricity expert said the cause could be his over-insulated shoes. Maybe, but we won't be surprised when he forms an army of mutant super-villains and tries to take control of the White House. Check the video after the break for the whole report.

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Battlefield hero game trailorBattlefield Heroes is basically "a cartoon-style action game" that offers a "complete and modified conquest mode -- providing each team 100 tickets and 2 flags at the start of the round."

It is easy to pick up and play but with robust character customization and a deep online meta-game, gamers can spend hours building up their characters and conquering the world. Offered for play for free, the game features a built-in matchmaking system to ensure that players of equal skill are paired together for fair play.

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