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Apple planning an expansive conclusion to its restocking fees at retail that would stimulate its Verizon iPhone,on January 11. The company would permanently waive the 10% penalty for anyone returning a device in the usual two-week grace period, starting January 11, the same day as the special event.

However the cancellation of restocking fees will be useful if you wish you’d ordered an upgraded version of an Apple product. 9to5Mac also notes the date of January 11 being the same date as the Verizon event and also this means there will be more of an Apple presence at the event than previously thought. We’ll have to see how Apple deals with people trying to return their scratched up iPods and what the policy with iPhones will be. The 14 day return period still applies but for example if you purchase a 16 GB iPad and use it for 3 days, then want to upgrade to the 32 GB model, you won’t need to pay an additional 10% restocking fee.

After all we know that some readers who’d waited patiently for a Verizon iPhone eventually lost hope and plumped for the AT&T iPhone. Whatever the reason it’s good news for Apple consumers as it covers all Apple products. Then again, Apple could merely be following Best Buy's lead, with the 1.11.11 date pure coincidence. Either way, we're fans of open return policies for expensive products, so if you ask us, it's more of a good thing.
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