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Street Fighter's recreated many of characters at WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 & game has wonderful detail of players. Plus, "Jimmy went the extra mile and gave each of the fighters correct wrestling moves."

Because of how good quality these characters look, it's somewhat strange to see them with such real like animation. Instead of sacking off chi and attacking each other with hundred-hand slaps, they're shown attractive in various behaviors associated with the members of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Jimmy might be one of their weirdest and coolest usages yet. He's recreated many of Street Fighter's characters in the wrestling game, and it's quite a sight to see the iconic figures act like Macho Man Randy Savage. All told, he created more than 20 Street Fighter characters using the SvR 2011 character creator, and they're just about perfect. I never thought I'd seen Akuma and Gouken or Ryu and Sagat hash out their differences in the wrestling ring, but that's exactly what's happening here.
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