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Dell Twitter SnapshotThe new emerging social media technologies out there is Twitter, somewhat a lot of debate already over whether it will end up being a flash-in-the-pan trend or a long-lasting success. Dell additional another vote to the 'long-lasting success' column when it announced, it has accumulated over 3 million dollars in earnings as a result of Twitter.

Most of the money came from Dell releasing coupons and sale information to their 624,000+ Twitter followers.
Since January the Dell Outlet has earn more than 1 million dollars from customers who visited their site through a Twitter link.
It's heartening to see a major corporation looking for innovative ways to generate revenue through a new media channel. Dell jumped on the Twitter bandwagon right off the bat, and they have more than 200 employees whose job it is to answer questions and give out information to customers over Twitter.

Dell also used Twitter as a fast and cheap way to do market research. Their notebook team has kept up a continuing dialogue with Twitter users in order to see the changes consumers want. Dell also asking their Twitter followers for suggestions for future changes and features needed for their upcoming Mini notebooks.

Twitter itself hasn't made a dime off of their sales and free marketing Dell has been raking in the dough. A problem for Twitter, and they've stated that they are looking at ways to offer 'official' accounts to corporations with things like Twitter-based revenue tracking in exchange for a small fee. Dell seems hesitant about the idea of paying for what is currently a free service, but as long as Twitter makes the cost of a corporate account low.

This shows the how virally Dell guys are promoting on Twitter. Follow me on Twitter: GadgetsWorld.
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