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Street fighter iv AbelThe official Capcom blog pointed out earlier today that those earlier posted Famitsu pics of Street Fighter IV, well, they don't quite do the game justice. Nor does a Babelfish translation on details relevant to new fighter Abel. If you want a proper look at the new mixed martial arts star, check out the gallery below. The better news from the Capcom USA folks is that they'll be translating entries from the official Street Fighter IV development blog, currently only in Japanese.

Street fighter iv picsHere you go: "With no memory of his past, this young man has no choice but to move forward, using any clue he can get his hands on to rout out what may be left of Shadaloo. His fighting style represents a mix of multiple martial arts. Though he appears gruff and unfriendly on the surface, he is not the misanthrope he seems to be. His serious and polite nature is easy to misinterpret as indifference, but these still waters run deep indeed."

Street fighter iv picsSource- http://kotaku.com/356774/a-better-look-at-street-fighter-ivs-newest-abel
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