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Brawl snake slide Smash Bros. Dojo has gone into full spoiler mode. More than half of the week's updates focus on hidden characters, secret stages and unlockable goodies. Doesn't make much sense to read the Dojo Dump if you're not willing to have some of these potential surprises revealed ahead of time, does it? Therefore, if you're only only interested in reading about "Quick Techniques" like the Eating While Reclining skill seen above, you may not want to continue. All bets are off in this Dojo Dump!

Monday: A few moves not showcased in Brawl's manual are the Quick Techniques, reflex actions and special tactics that aren't for button mashers.
Tuesday: Warning! Secret Stage approaching! This time, it's the classic Mario Bros. level, full of things to knock your noggin on.
Wednesday: For the stage builder types, Hidden Parts will probably get your blood pumping. Finally,Yoshi's Special Moves are chronicled. Not sure how disturbed I should be by that tongue attack on Samus and Zelda.
Thursday: Another super duper top secret stage! This time it's Sonic's gorgeous Green Hill Zone. It even features guest appearances from some of his shitty friends! Yay!
Friday: You should've seen this unlockable character coming a mile away. It's Luigi!

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