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Motorazr2 V8 Luxury Mobile PhoneUnderneath the shiny 18k gold plate, and tucked within the 12.05mm shell there is actually a pretty powerful cell phone but at $679.99 (unlocked) you are without paying for the “lavish 18k gold plated accents, engraved details and a black snakeskin pattern”, or not as the case may be! If you do want to buy it you will need to buy it direct from the MOTO Store in the US, or more probably get the person that does that kind of stuff for you to do it as I am pretty sure that us mere mortals aren’t the target market for this cell phone.

If you do get one you will be able to enjoy 8 hours talk time, 8 days of standby time, and of course it comes in a nice box and with a nice mini strap and polishing cloth to keep it nice and clean.
  • Exclusive edition featuring at least 18k gold plating on medallions, navigation key, and hinge.
  • Music player includes stereo micro-USB headset and a compatible Bluetooth enabled headset.
  • 2GB of on-board memory1 with a storage capacity of up to 1000 songs.
  • Opera Mobile Browser 8.5 provides a full HTML browsing experience.
  • High Speed USB 2.0 gives you fast data transfersSC.
  • 2.2” internal screen, providing twice the resolutionSC of the original RAZR.
  • MotoSync makes it easy to organize your corporate phonebook, calendar and emails.
  • Integrated Bluetooth wireless technology facilitates imaging, printing and peer-to-peer gaming with compatible devices.
  • CrystalTalk technology helps deliver clear voice quality in noisy environments.

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