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iPhone 2.0Here are a few features that should brighten up an iPhone user's day -

Mass Email Delete
It’s quite odd when you think about it that Apple, in its first try would not incorporate a feature like this their very first try. Then again they left a lot out. So with the latest firmware ready to be out in June, those of you iPhone users who use their device for emailing can rejoice, your cluttered up mail will be much easier to get rid off now than ever before, so instead of getting irked by the singular deletion feature you’ll able to pretty much wipe all your junk clean with a wave of your hand (quite literally as you can imagine thanks to multi-touch).

This system allows iPhone users to connect computers and other iPhones on a given network. Just like you would connect to other devices using Bluetooth by searching and connecting, Bonjour will be able to do the same on a network.

Full-Screen Mode on Safari
Another feature that should have made it in the first round and didn’t was a full-page web browser. The Safari browser, may be brilliant and all and occupy a good 90 percent of the iPhone's superb display, but hey, why have 90% when you can have it all right?

Scalable Vector Graphics and New CSS Effects
The iPhone, with the latest firmware, would also have SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). So files can be compressed and their original resolutions can be maintained. The new firmware will also support CSS effects, which works like Flash for animations, effects etc.

PowerPoint Support
The iPhone would also have support to view PowerPoint presentations with the next upgrade.

Locally Stored Web-Apps
Users will also be able to store web-apps on their handsets and use them offline. According to Apple the latest firmware version would also be able to support functional web client-side database API when the network isn’t running.

The iPhone will also be getting a search option for looking up contacts and other information on the device.

With these features in mind, which are seemingly just the tip of the iceberg, the anticipation for the iPhone to hit India is only getting more than just difficult to bear. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take too long or we’ll be seeing one only once a v3.0 is out. I don’t think India can wait that long Mr. Jobs.

Source- http://www.tech2.com/india/news/smart-mobile-phones/iphone-v2.0-good-stuff-to-come/31231/0
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