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Desktop vs gaming console snapshotIf you’ve cash this Christmas—having saved up for gift to yourself or someone else then chances that you’re interested in upgrading video game experience this holiday season. But the question is: desktop or console gaming?

I’ve always preferred playing games on the desktop, with good reason. Though I’m thankful for not missing out on Metal Gear Solid, a classic that was only available on the PlayStation, I’ve more or less stuck to gaming PC style (Mac gaming, while vastly improved compared to a couple of years ago, is still way behind).

In a word, desktop gaming is versatile. There are a lots of things you can do with the mouse-keyboard combo. Have you tried playing a shooter on a console? It’s definitely a less responsive experience. And there are USB controllers. A gaming rig can easily surpass even the most advanced gaming console out there; it’s just a matter of the right specs. On top of that, a powerful gaming rig will most likely handle the most demanding apps out there.

On the other hand, the dedicated nature of gaming consoles is their strong point. The XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 are much cheaper than an equivalent PC capable of providing the same experience for instance. Which PC retailer offers full frame-rates for less than $200?

And let’s not forget the constant upgrade neurosis PC owners face. A new game with high required specs? Time to shell out for a new system! This may change soon, but with consoles you can at least count at least two upgrade-free years.

In short, it’s a matter of versatility and affordability. But I leave the question to you, dear readers. A PC or console for gaming?

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