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Microsoft's marketing vice resident announced that for Windows Mobile there'll be a "major announcement" out of his camp at Mobile World Congress next month, which makes sense -- it's the biggest mobile trade show of the year, after all, and we've been expecting WinMo 6.5 for a little while. Most interesting thing is that they're looking to cut down on the total number of phones offered by its licensees in an effort to "be more focused" & do a better job tailoring the platform to the devices in the market.

Makes sense in a way, but on the flipside, one of Windows Mobile's solid advantages over the competition has always been its endless selection of styles & form factors. Taking that away means that WinMo's got to be better by leaps and bounds to keep going head-to-head with the Palms, Apples, RIMs, and Nokias of the world.
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