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Kyocera K003 PhoneThe latest rustic and sober mobile gadget the Kyocera K003. It has very plain features and easy to use. It is usually designed keeping the new users in mind who are unaware of the latest technologies. The pricing list is still not out. This sober phone features:
  • 1.4 inch internal screen
  • 2.8 inch QVGA LCD display
  • 2 mega-pixel camera with auto focus
  • Speak Slowly
  • Noise cancellation features
  • Micro SDHC card slot
  • Supporting 16 GB Expendable Memory
  • Pedometer
  • Available colors pink, gold, white and khaki
The best part of this mobile which will whack out the other mobile, is its battery life. It gives you 240 hours of battery in continuous calls and 300 hours on stand-by.
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