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Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000MicroSoft presents Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 with Bluetrack technology that enables it to run on any semi flat surface. Appearing with five buttons this Laptop Mouse proves very efficient and comes with USB receiver. The nano USB receiver when plugged in the USB port of the notebook just remains 1/4th of an inch outside the peripheral. Thus, one can carry the notebook with the USB receiver plugged in. The nano USB receiver when not in use can be kept in a space at the rear end of the mouse relieving you from losing it. Running on AA battery that lasts 10 months, the mouse epitomizes the ergonomic design hence being very useful for the techies. It has an operating range of 30 feet thus broadening your reach to the Laptop. With a rubber made grippy surface on the sides and a smoother one at the top, this light weighted mouse is convenient to operate. The tilting and smooth wheel ensures 4-way scrolling as the mouse proves wise at pointing and sensing the notebook screen.

With all these features to their latest Laptop mouse, Microsoft stands on their standard of fabricating worthy gadgets. It also boasts of On/Off switch to conserve energy by switching off this mouse when you don’t need it. This wonderful gizmo comes with a 3 year warranty. But you have to wait for the pricing details.
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