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Venturi Mini in-car sound system is for music lovers. Befitting the car cigarette lighter slot, it requires no installation. Just plug it and it’s ready to operate. Sporting OLED display coupled with mic, availing it is as easy as a pie. Storing and retrieving contact details through phonebook on display. It captures music through FM radio transmitter or from mobile phone or laptop via Bluetooth A2DP. With this music gadget, you can connect any audio device to the audio-in and audio-out slots. Self sufficing, it comes with a built-in charger. Charging other gadgets like your phone battery is done with USB charger that lies within Venturi Mini.

Considering the looks, with an ergonomic design that suits any car design. Onboard are buttons for calls, music control and roller for FM transmission. All in all, a perfect piece for all you music lovers on the go.
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