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Futuristic GO Concept Cell Phone

The Taiwanese company Tryi Yeh that designed the Go concept cell phone. The phone really looks incredible with flexible OLED touch display. Plus the phone has a sliding body, featuring mode keys and a camera. You can use it as an antenna for watching TV. One more very interesting feature of the phone, though probably made only for the sake of a good design, is the color-changing back.
Go Concept PhoneIf the phone is red and flashing than the gadget will soon shut down & if it's green, then the phone is 100% and if it's white then you know that someone's calling.
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  1. Arnold // January 19, 2010 at 8:54 PM

    Very slim phone! Nice. Is the brightness of this phone adjustable? I saw on the photo that the dispaly is not that bright enough unlike other smartphones? Hmm.

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