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HTC Leostone/Firestone SnapshotA smartphone comes a Snapdragon processor, That's the Leo, HTC's newest Windows 6.5 smartphone, has gotten people talking. It's got Qualcomm's 1 GHz snapdragon processor, 512 MB of flash memory, 320 MB of RAM, a 4.3” monster of a screen, GPS, aGPS, an Accelerometer, a 5 MP camera, Dual Band HSDPA/Quad Band GSM/Edge, WiFi, light, proximity sensors & with 4”+ touchscreen. Remember, these specs are not confirmed, although nothing about them seems particularly fishy. The phone pictured (and specced) here is either the HTC Leo or the HTC Firestone. No one is quite certain which, or whether the two names refer to different phones at all.

We're probably a good few weeks away from release, but expect info on this new beast from HTC to continue filtering in over the next few days.
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