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JVC Ipod DockJVC-Victor announces its new NX-TC5 mini HiFi system that comes with built-in iPod dock and 1Seg digital TV tuner. The NX-TC5 plays Audio CD MD as well as MP3/WMA CD. It can play also MP3, WMA, WAV audio files as well as WMV and JPEG from USB storage devices. JVC’s new HiFi does also CD to MP3 and MD to MP3 audio recording to USB drives. The system has a 4.3-inch LCD display for you to enjoy 1Seg TV and WMV videos and 15×2 built-in speakers. The display front panel can be slide up or down according to give you a best viewing position.

FM/AM tuner is also equipped. There’s also the JVC-Victor NX-TC3 that lack MD support and records audio to WMA format. Both models’ iPod dock works with iPod touch, iPod nano all gen, iPod mini. NX-TC5 will be released in late-August.
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