World's 1st Bluetooth Headset Can Be Used as a Ring "Orb" - Cool New Gadgets and Gizmos Blog
Orb Bluetooth Headset  id=Bluetooth headset can now rest on your ring finger and if your ear creeping headset annoys you then a perfect solution has come up for you in the form of Orb Bluetooth headset. Specially designed with NXT technology that provides bone conduction this headset is truly relaxing. Conversion from ring to Bluetooth headset takes place with a simple twista and the twisted ring takes the shape of wavy headset. There is also Flexible Organic Light Emitting Device screen on this ring that alerts you by displaying calendar, caller ID, voice to text info and more on your special high tech ring. Yet in the manufacturing stages and the final product is supposed to be available by 2010.

The standrad model standing at the approx price of $129 and the deluxe model $175 price. Orb Bluetooth headset the wonder gadget would see the summer time after January 2010. It is believed to be embellished with gem stones as well.
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