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Singel Touch 911 DailerYou never quite know when you might need some one's help and since nobody seems to carry a magic lamp around these days the next best thing would be the One Touch 911 Dialer. This is the pendant that calls a 911 operator with one press of a button helping users sustain independence and mobility. Requiring no contracts or monthly fees and operating over your existing phone line a single push of the cordless pendant phone’s button immediately dials 911 letting you converse with emergency responders–not a distant third party.

The pendant comes with a lanyard and belt clip so it’s always close at hand and its 600′ range allows you to move freely around your home. A unique test function verbally informs you whether the system is within working range.

Smaller than most cell phones water resistant and weighing a mere 6 oz. the pendant is powered for one year by one AAA battery. The base unit will plug into the pone jack and AC and you can bring home the One Touch 911 Dialer for $199.95.
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